Hurriyat (M) Chairman anguished fresh spurt in civilian killings in Kashmir

India have no freedom to stand up for ideals of freedom’

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

SrinagarExpressing deep pain and anguish at the fresh spurt of revenge killings in which 7 more civilians were Murdered and dozens injured by the Indian forces who have a the license to kill at will, Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq wondered what kind of freedom was India celebrating. If this freedom hasn’t given the people of this country the strength to stand up for the ideals that they are celebrating and raise their voice against such violence towards unarmed Kashmiri.
Mirwaiz said that has the hyper nationalistic discourse set by the ruling party in India ,so scared and silenced those who claim to be custodians of Indias “democratic and pluralistic values and credentials ” they do not even utter a word against such brutality leave alone do something to stop it.
Mirwaiz said that talking about Baluchistan or Sindhi or Timbuktu to divert attention and appease some constituencies Will in no way alter the reality of Kashmir which is so stark and staring in the eye .He said that the resilience and defiance of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in face of such oppression is a loud and clear message that they will not give up their struggle and the agitation will not die its own death as some would like the people of India and world to believe.
Mirwaiz said that sooner than later Govt of India will have to come down from It’s high horse and to listen to the people of Kashmir and resolve the issue. It’s the only guarantee of lasting peace in the entire subcontinent he said.
Mirwaiz reiterated that the UN cannot watch the massacre in Kashmir as a mute spectator as it is duty bound by its umpteen resolutions to intervene, stop the killings and implement the resolutions as soon as possible. In this regard Mirwaiz said that according to the Joint Resistance programme people and leadership will move towards UN office in Srinagar to remind them of their promises made to the hapless people of Kashmir who are suffering so much because of the world body’s inaction and If we are stopped we will sit wherever we are and protest for 72 hours on the streets of Kashmir peacefully.