Hussainity is Humanity demonstrated in Khanda, Muharram Procession halted to bury a non Kashmiri Muslim

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | Aga Syed Amin | September 3:In May this year a Muslim man was buried in “Shamshan Ghat” in Hyderabad after “Qabristan committee denied entry biased on being a Jaferi “School of thought” in a converse counterblast to such social stigma Mourners of Hazrat Imam Hussaini “ as ”explained practically what actually Shabiri means . Allama Iqbal has rightly remarked the philosophy of “Shabiri” in his “Armaghan-e-Hijaz”

“Nikl Kar Khanqahon Se Ada Kar Rasm-E-Shabeeri
Ke Faqr-E-Khanqahi Hai Faqat Andoh-O-Dilgeeri”

English translation

Come out of the monastery and play the role of Shabbir,

for monastery’s faqr is but grief and affliction.

Moheeb-ur- Rehman of Kushu from West Bengal developed Sudden severer headache tingling arms and difficulty in using fine motor skills his end came due to brain Hemorrhagic stroke . 27 years old a  Muslim was working in a ply-wood factory from last half a decade in Khanda Budgam to eke out his bread.

The locals had all set to took out the mega Muharram procession but had to stop all that to perform burial rituals . The Shia Muslim of Khanda Budgam offered the ancestral graveyard for the non local to keep the brotherhood bond intact .

A local resident Mir Mohsin told us that “ Moheeb-ur-Rehman died of brain hemorrhage , he was from West Bengal . We the residents buried him in our cemetery ,we kept all religious in differences at bay and we want to others to learn the supreme lesson that humanity is above all the religions . We put on halt the largest 12th Muharram’s procession . As we believe on Islamic ethos which has been taught us by Hazrat Imam Hussain “as” that humanity is synonyms to the all religiously adherence school of thoughts.

Founder of Islamic Revolution Hazrat Imam Khomeini “RA”has told us that Those who want to sow discord are neither Sunni nor Shia . Muslims should be alert that if a dispute takes place among Sunni and Shi’ite brothers, it is harmful to all of us, it is harmful to all Muslims. Those who want to sow discord are neither Sunni nor Shia, they are agents of the superpowers and work for them.”“If Islamic brotherhood comes to the fore among Islamic countries, such will become a great power which none of the global powers will be able to cope with. ”

Mohsin furthermore narrated the Imam’s message on Muslim wholeness” Shia’s and Sunnis brothers should avoid every kind of dispute. Today, discord among us will only benefit those who follow neither Shi’ia nor Hanafi. They neither want this nor that to exist, and know the way to sow dispute between you and us.

“We must pay attention that we are all Muslims and we all believe in the Qur’an; we all believe in Towhead and must work to serve the Qur’an and Towhead

“The Muslims must be a united Hand against all arrogance.”

“If the Muslims were a united, single fist, none can rise up against them

“Do not keep saying “unity but not go after it. Be active together, you are brothers to one another.

All Muslims are brothers and equal, none is separate from another and all must be under the banner of Islam and of monotheism.

“Muslims are brothers and will not be segregated by the pseudo-propaganda sponsored by corrupt elements. The source of this matter – that Shi’ites should be on one side and Sunni on the other – is on the one hand ignorance and on the other hand propaganda of the foreigners.

“The communities themselves must be a single Ummah; they should assemble together and not be separated; they should not regard the borders as causes for separation of the hearts.”

Satar-Din a relative a deceased Rehman has said “ there is no sovereign religion than the religion of Humanity ,and the people of Khanda have practically demonstrated it.