Illegal Detention of Marziyah Hashemi exposed US democracy, Removing Hijab and providing Pork meat is inhumane act: Waseem Reza Kashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

QOM: Kashmir`s Noted  Islamic Seminary Student of Al-Mustafa (Pbuh) Howza Elmia Qom, Waseem Reza Kashmiri condemned the illegal arrest of Marziah Hashemi by FBI, removing of Hijab and feeding pork meat in custody.

In a Statement, Kashmir`s Noted  Islamic Seminary Student of Al-Mustafa (Pbuh) Howza Elmia Qom, Director and Editor in Chief of Wilayat Times Media Groups, Waseem Reza Kashmiri denounced the illegal detention of Marziyeh Hashemi nu FBI and said that she tremendously performed his role as a honest journalist and always raised the voice in support of oppressed people. No power will extinguish the fire which Marziyeh is carrying in her heart against evil forces. She has been arrested for no faults but only for exposing the cruel faces/actions of imperialistic powers which they are carrying in many parts of the world.

As per the media reports removing Marziyeh`s Hijab and denying access to Halal food is an inhumane act and disrespect to the laws of Islam and humanitarian values.

Reza demanded her immediate release with respect and dignity. He also appealed United Nation, Human Rights Organizations and Journalist fraternity across globe to raise their voices in support of Marziyeh Hashemi. It is here to mention that As a TV Anchor at Press TV and Documentary maker Marziyeh honestly raised the human rights violation of Kashmir as well and now It is the responsibility of people of Kashmir, religious and political leadership to support Marzieh Hashemi.

Melinia Franklin (Marziye Hashemi) who was born in New Orleans and was converted to Islam has been living in Iran for 25 years travelled to US to meet her brother who was ill, adding that no reason was given for her detention.