Imam Hussain (AS) stood for justice; Unity among Shias and Sunnis a sacred mission:Safina Beigh

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:State Women President of Peoples Democratic Party Safina Beigh said that “Imam Hussain (AS) stood for justice cutting across the lines of sects we all love Imam Hussain (A.S) and his we all need to follow the path shown by martyrs of Karbala.

As per reports of Wilayat Times, Speaking over the gathering at a function held in Nowgam Sumbal of Bandipora organized by Ali Asgar Bloodbankd and Care foundation, she said that the Islamic clerics and Muslims must focus on unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

She stressed unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims, saying that unity between both should be a sacred slogan.

“Both Shia and Sunni Muslims recite one Kalima, believe in one Allah, have faith in Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and all this teaches us to stand united,” Safina Beigh said.

State Women President of PDP added that the Muslims should unitedly fight poverty rather than fight one another. “Islam teaches us to stand united and the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) has also out rightly rejected the path of violence but resolved the issues through negotiations. We should unitedly work for peace, which is directly linked to prosperity,” she said.

“We should follow the peaceful way so that the violence comes to an end”.

She also recalled the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (AS), saying that Imam sacrificed his life for the great cause, not for division.

“Imam Hussain (AS) stood for justice. The grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) lives in our heart,” she said, adding that the Muslims must follow the path of Imam Hussain and remember his teachings.

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  • jayb says:

    Yes, people don”t understand this when they talk about “the Taliban, that it has changed over the years. They can only see one word and stick to it. The newer Taliban have had to adapt, for example they have to allow music, things like that. They have turned more toward nationalism even though they are still also Islamists. But the degree varies. Likewise people think al-Qaeda in Syria or Yemen or wherever are the same organizations as Usama bin Laden”s al-Qaeda. bin Laden took up arms against Washington because of the hundreds of thousands, mostly children, dying in Iraq because of the starvation sanctions, and did not want to fight Shias. Whereas “al-Qaeda in Syria was started by bitter Iraqi Sunnis who had lost the elections to the Shia majority, and simply want to kill Shias, or Alawites first. I recall reading a former member”s account of how intense their hatred of Shias is. Which is why Washington helps them.

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