In 2017,Hurriyat Leader Syed Geelani was stopped 48 times from offering Friday prayers

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani could not attend the Friday congregational prayers due to his continuous house arrest, a spokesperson said. 
He said in 2017 Syed Ali Geelani was stopped 48 times from offering Friday prayers, an important religious obligation. 
Meanwhile Tehreek-e-Huriyat General secretary Mohd Ashraf Sehrai continued to remain under the house detention today for the third consecutive day and they too were not allowed to offer the Friday prayers, the spokesperson added in a statement, saying that Hurriyat spokesman Gh Ahmad Gulzar, Mohd Yusuf Naqash, Mohd Yasin Ataie and Syed Imtiyaz Hyder are continuously lodged in different police stations.
Strongly condemning the house imprisonment of Syed Ali Geelani and other resistance leaders, Hurriyat Conference said the imprisonment of its leaders has ‘no constitutional and moral justification and police is suppressing their peaceful voices just with the barrel of gun.’ 
Hurriyat (G) said police ‘invented a new process of house arrests and banning of political activities of Geelani Sahib and other leaders during 2010 mass uprising in Jammu & Kashmir.’
Since then police never produced any legal justification for this illegal house arrest process and they never explained that under which act or section of the law is Geelani being imprisoned in his house. This lawlessness continued in the period of Omar Abdullah and now PDP government is following the suite in its rule,”,
Hurriyat while strongly denouncing PDP led coalition said that their rhetoric about “battle of idea” proved hoax and they proved most opportunistic, saying that despite their tall claims about freedom of expression, they are chasing political leaders, strangulating genuine voices, curbing peaceful political activities and implicating and caging youth on fake allegations.
Hurriyat conference slammed PDP regime for misusing PSA and said that Public Safety Act was introduced by late Sheikh Mohd Abdullah saying it would be used against timber smugglers only but later it was misused and used against political opponents.
Referring to Amnesty International, a global movement against human rights violations, Huriyat said that international organisations for human rights and Amnesty international has declared this law as draconian and lawless law as authorities in Jammu and Kashmir are using the PSA to detain its political opponents on fabricated charges ,saying that even ordinary police man and DC is authorised to slap PSA against anyone without taking into consideration the ethics ,law and basic values of moral values .
Demanding immediate release of all detainees, Huriyat said that unnecessary caging and curbing people and detaining resistance leaders and youth is the root cause of uncertainty in state and while cautioning the New Delhi and their henchmen for dire consequences, Huriyat said that they have to share the responsibility for the negative results of their haughty approach against peaceful civilians and leadership.