In Syria victory belongs to faithful and oppressed striving syrian nation:Ayatollah Khamenei

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:In a meeting with Syrian Minister of Endowments Mohammed Abdul-Sattar al-Seyyed and a number of Syrian scholars, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed to Iran’s support for Syria at the forefront of the battle against the enemies of Islam, saying that victory belongs to the faithful and striving nations. He underscored the need to insist on Islamic commonalities, saying, “We all look forward to the day when you would lead congregational prayers in al-Quds.”

Ayatollah Khamenei commended Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, adding, “Syria is on the front line; therefore, supporting Syria’s resistance is our duty. Indeed, Assad cut the figure of a great warrior and stood tall and strong and this is very important for a nation.”

He said the ignominy of some nations stems from the indignity of their leaders and stressed that the enemy cannot do anything against a respectful nation whose leaders feel honor in taking pride in Islam and their identity, reiterating, “The Islamic Revolution of Iran turned 40 under circumstances where all of the first-rate world powers such as the US, the [former] Soviet Union, NATO, and regional reactionaries became united to destroy the Islamic Republic; however, this Revolution survived and grew.”

Elucidating this heartwarming and empowering reality, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “The endurance of the Iranian nation showed that what the US, Europe and the world atomic powers want is not necessarily feasible and If we and the elements of the resistance front in the region stand firm, the enemy cannot do a damn thing.”

He said faith and endeavor are essential to glory and added, “Victory belongs to the striving faithful and our responsibility is to support and defend Islam and the Islamic movement; therefore, we should set aside the differences and ignore those who are acting and moving against unity if they are not affiliated to global and hegemonic policies.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said the duty of the Muslim community is to resolutely counter the spread of discord as a result of hegemonic policies such as Saudi measures and said, “We do not approve of the Shia supported by London or the Sunni supported by the US and Israel, because Islam is opposed to  infidelity, tyranny and hegemony.”

He highlighted the Islamic commonalities, adding, “We are looking forward to seeing the day when you lead congregational prayers in al-Quds and that day is not far away and will come soon, whether the likes of us exist or not.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution reiterated, “A few years ago, the Zionist regime was saying that we will do such and such to Iran in the next 25 years and I said at the time that you will not [survive long enough to] sense the next 25 years.”

Prior to the remarks of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Syria’s endowments minister conveyed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regards to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation and said, “We declare the Syrian nation’s utmost gratitude and appreciation over the strong stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran in defending the rightful and combating Zionist-Takfiri terrorism.”

Abdul-Sattar al-Seyyed added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has extended the line of resistance against bullies from Tehran to Damascus and Lebanon and this has given us a great responsibility to make plans for the liberation of al-Quds as a united front.”

He added, “We have faith and belief in the divine promise for the victory of strivers and the patient and your leadership.”