Insolent act of eliminating Qur’anic Verses a gigantic global conspiracy: Waseem Reza Kashmiri

Kashmiri Seminary scholar demands stern punishment for Wasim Rushdie, who was brought up under the umbrella of BJP and RSS

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | March 15:Kashmiri young Iran based Islamic scholar Waseem Reza termed the insolent act of eliminating Qur’anic Verses a gigantic global conspiracy to breach the Islamic and human peace. He urged the people to remain sympathetically United to combat the issue logically with making law and religious sentiments instrumental beyond the sectarian pyramids.

In a statement issued here, Prominent Islamic Seminary Scholar of Al-Mustafa(Pbuh) International University Iran and JK based political Analyst Waseem Reza Kashmiri reacted sharply to a petition filed in the Supreme Court by Wasim Rizvi, a former Shia Auqaf chairman from Lucknow UP, to erase 26 verses of the Holy Quran, mind to remember here Rizvi called some 26 verses as the big source for provoking terrorism and producing profound distortions amongst humanity.

Saying that the All schools of thought in Islam are agree “Qur’an is the divine book with purity and gifted revelations which beaconed the mankind and will keep guiding till the last day. History is the witness of how many people tried to tarnish the Islamic image also tried to prove the Allah’s revelations on The Prophet (SAWW) are false but they ended up strong humiliating and disgracing catastrophism.” reads the statement.

He further said Wasim Rizvi (May Almighty Curse Upon Him) is not only the name of a person but also a character “Though, Wasim Lucknowi tried different plots while committing heinous and grave acts only to gain the political and wealthy benevolence. We should use the name of Wasim Rushdie instead of Wasim Rizvi so that the common man can easily understand that he is not affiliated to Islam and Muslims but to Salman Rushdie. Instead of calling him Rizvi we must word Wasim Rushdi for him. Apart from diverging many societal scourges grooming in RSS, but this time the accursed crossed all boundaries and attacked the authenticity and legitimacy of the Qur’an that hurts the sentiments of the Muslims across the world. He presented clear evidence of his ignorance, impure mind and heart, perpetual humiliation, Islamophobia and anti-peace in India.

Waseem Reza Kashmiri stressed that Islam is the name of a pacifist and humanitarian school. Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, nor do terrorists have anything to do with Islam.

An Alumni of Al-Mustafa(S) International University said that Wasim Rizvi unveiled his ugliest and cruel face he was in the guise of BJP and pass to aim at wagging wars on the sectarian grounds, his solo mean is to create communal distractions and distorting atmosphere , he is an enemy to Islam.

The Jammu and Kashmir based religious scholar urged the people, especially youths, to be vigilant and refrain from posting material on social media that would disrupt peace and brotherhood and consequently consciously and unconsciously undermine the enemy’s agenda. The views of the scholars are important in understanding and comprehending the verses of the Qur’an, not those of the market and ignorant people who have nothing to do with religion.