Intl.Imam Khomeini conference held in Kashmir, Scholars and intellectuals remembered him as charismatic leader of the century

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: International Conference organized by Jammu Kashmir Anjuman-e-Sharie-Shian to remember the great revolutionary figure and founder of Islamic republic of Iran Ayatollah Syed Rohullah Khomeini’s(R.A) on his 30th anniversary at Srinagar Kashmir.

Reports says to Wilayat Times, One of its first kind of international conference was by Howza Jamia Babul Ilm Oriental College Kashmir of Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian led by President Aga Syed Hassan Almosavi Alsafvi attended by renowned scholars and thinkers from the state, outside state and from Islamic Republic of Iran.

The first session of the conference was opened with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Syed Muhammad Hussain while Ghulam Hasan Ghamgeen and Qari Qamar Ali recited nasheeds. The stage incharges were Aga Syed Abid Alhussaini and Aga Syed Adil Murtaza respectively.

Other scholars and intellectuals who paid tributes to Imam Khomeini included Iran’s renowned Cleric and Chancellor of University of Fiqh Mazahib Ayatollah Dr Muhammad Hussain Mukhtari,  Representative of Shrine of Imam Raza(Pbuh) Dr Ghulam Raza Raisiyan, Dr Ahmed Rahidar Research Scholar University Baqar-ul-Aloom, Professor Rama Krishan Professor JNU, Lebanese speaker Umm Mohammd bint Nael Mohammd Al-Shanti, Professor Noor Ahmed Baba from Central University of Kashmir, Justice (Rtd) Hakim Imtiyaz Hussain and Ghulam Hasan Baba. Besides these, senior journalist Ahmed Ali Fayyaz and Dr Yahya Jahangir from Iran were also present.

Speakers at the Seminar paid rich tributes to Imam Khomeini(R.A) and accepted him as a leader who abolished thousand year old monarchy and established an Islamic system of government in spite of the opposition of world’s imperialist powers.

In his presidential address Prominent Islamic Scholar of Kashmir and Chancellor of Howza Jamia Babul Ilm Oriental College of J&K Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian Aga Syed Hasan promulgated Imam Khomeini as the charismatic leader of the century and paid rich tributes to him. He said that the purpose of the Iranian Revolution and Imam Khomeini was the divine purpose because it was for Islam and religion and Kashmir has to move towards the Iranian revolution when it comes to love and respect, brotherhood and unity would be established on the basis of religious and academic success as well.

While delivering his speech at conference Iran`s famous cleric and Chancellor of University of Fiqh Mazahib Ayatollah Dr Muhammad Hussain Mukhtari described Imam Khomeini(R.A) as the divine leader and said that Imam in all respects followed the laws of Almighty Allah and Prophet and his pure Progeny (Pbut) wholly and solely to reach the real destiny. Imams actions were based on sincerity and he was fully convinced of the truth and his success.

During his lecture Representative of Shrine of Imam Reza Mashhad, Dr Ghulam Raza Raisiyan said that Imam Khomeini gave a practical lesson to Muslim world not to live and accept the life with humiliation and Imam awakened the humanity across globe.

Meanwhile two agreements were signed between the representative of Shrine of Imam Reza Mashhad Moulana Dr.Modherisi and Advocate Syed Muntazir Mehdi of Jammu and Kashmir Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian and another one between Head of the University of Fiqh & Mazahib with the representative of Jamia Babul Ilm Aga Syed Abid AlHussaini under which the special facilities and amenities will be granted to Kashmiri visitors as well as the students and aspirants who want to pursue high level Islamic as well as modern education in Iran.