Intl. Seminar on Ayatollah Gufran Maab held in Lucknow, speakers call for the promotion of works and services of Indian Ulemas.

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New Delhi: One of its first kind of one day international seminar on Ayatollah Syed Dildar Ali Gufraan Maab held in Lucknow on 9 March at Madrara tul Waezeen. The seminar was aimed to depict the life, works and contributions of Late Ayatollah Gufranmaab.

The seminar was started with the recitation of Quran Qari Mohammad Ilyas followed with supplications and hymns by the students of Hoza e Dildar Ali Gufran Maab.

While delivering the speech famous Indian Scholar Syed Qalbi Jawad Naqvi said that it is a matter of pride that such a magnificent  seminar is conducting in Lucknow, attended by prominent ulemas, scholars and researchers. This should have conducted earlier. Such seminars must be conducted by time to time so that the contributions of Indian Ulemas could come in limelight.

Late Gufran Maab had travelled to Najaf Ashraf, Iraq to gain Islamic knowledge despite of lack of resources and hardship. The journey was recommendable after which he infused a new spirit to the Shia theology in India; Maulana added

He further said that Gufran Maab had removed all unnecessary rituals that had wrongly added in the religion. In the light of writings and literature Maulana Kalbe Jawad pointed out the contributions of Gufran Maab. Worth mentioning among them are Allama Mufti Mohammad Qulli, Allama Ghulam Hussain Qantori, Allama Mir Hamid Hussain, Molana Mohammad Hussain Nogawi and Mufti Mohammad Abbas Shustri. Citing all these books he said that no cleric like Gufran Maab took birth after him.

A documentary was also screened over the life and contributions of Ayatollah Syed Dildar Ali Gufraanmaab.

Meanwhile Molana Jalal Haider Naqvi delivered the message of Grand Ayatollah Safi Gulfaigani.

While speaking over the seminar, Representative of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Aga Mahdi Mahdavipur said that the seminar is first of its kind over the family of Gufran Maab in Lucknow. He said that even the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei himself has suggested to conduct such conferences and he is much more concerned about both India especially Lucknow.

He further said that Ayatollah Khamenei has emphasized to explore the life and contribution of pious and righteous ulemas. In this series are family of Gufran Maab, Family of Abqaat, family of Mufti Mohammad Abbas Shustri, Family of Najmul Millat and family of Baqir ul Uloom are all from a single progeny of Ayatollah Syed Dildar Ali Gufraanmaab. He announced the launch of fifty books of the above said grand clerics. He stressed upon the promotion and publication of such books and works made by ulemas of Lucknow and across India.

Hujatul Islam Dr Mohammad Taqi Subhani said in his lecture that they have strived to explore the contributions of clerics wherever they located. They choose Lucknow because the history of Ulemas in Lucknow is very bright. Especially the family of researchers who have granted a new spirit in the life of Shias in India. The way Ayatollah Syed Dildar Ali Gufraan Maab has propagated and preached his students have no example in par.

They choose Lucknow because the history of Ulemas in Lucknow is very bright;Dr Mohammad Taqi Subhani

Dr Ali Khan Mehmoodabadi said the primary objective of establishing Madrasa tul Waezeen was also to safeguard the works and contributions of grand clerics.

Similarly, Hujatul-Islam Mehdi Isfanderyari in his speech said that to safe guard the work has embarked that have resulted 50 books.

Representative of Al-Mustafa International University in India Hujatul-Islam Mohammad Reza Saleh pointed out six different aspects of Ayatollah Syed Dildar Ali Gufraan Maab. He also assured to grand all type of support in research of such kinds.

Vice Chancellor of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Urdu, Persian and Arabic university, Dr Maahrukh Mirza said that such seminars are necessary to articulate the new generation that how bright their past was.

The concluding session held in the evening in which Ayatollah Mahdi Mehdavipur, Aga Reza Mukhtari, Maulana Qalbi Jawad, and other speakers assured that by the grace of Almighty such seminars will be conduct time to time in future as well. Seminar was also attended by Dr Fareed Ansari, Hujatul Islam Rouhullah Kazmi, Hujatul Islam Najaf Abadi, Hujatul Islam Walipur, Hujatul Islam Aga Farajpur, Hujatul Islam Aga Reza Mukhtari and many other prominent scholars and researchers were present.