Iran Exposes dozens of spies in 28 countries linked to Israel’s Mossad

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran | WTNS | Feb 03:The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has exposed a widespread Mossad spy network operating in 28 countries, marking a significant revelation in the ongoing battle against covert activities orchestrated by the Zionist regime.

In a statement, the Ministry revealed the outcome of an extensive intelligence and counterintelligence initiative aimed at the espionage and security structures of the occupying regime of Al-Quds. The operation yielded an unprecedented wealth of information that is currently under immediate review and utilization.

The statement indicated that the ministry successfully garnered sensitive data from the Zionist enemy’s services, including valuable insights into critical military installations, arms factories, and non-military strategic industries of the Zionist usurper regime.

The Ministry emphasized the importance of handling and disclosing the obtained information within various protective and security frameworks.

These measures extend to human factors involved in the project, both within and beyond the Palestinian occupied territories, underscoring the sensitivity of the data acquired.

Furthermore, the substantial volume of findings presents potential opportunities for both informational and operational exploitation, significantly influencing decision-making processes.

In light of prayers for the success of the defenders of Palestine, particularly those involved in the historic “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation, the Ministry announced a major accomplishment in the identification of numerous spies and terrorist elements linked to the racist Zionist regime.

These activities span 28 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe, marking a crucial development in ongoing efforts to counter espionage and hostile activities affiliated with Mossad.

The announcement reads as follows:

1. Several spies have been identified in Tehran and several provinces of the country, and they have faced legal consequences or are under security surveillance. Additionally, some Iranian spies residing abroad have been identified, and decisions will be made based on the circumstances of each and the level of relations between this ministry and the intelligence agencies of the countries where the spies reside.

2. The details of foreign spies active in countries that have effective and practical information exchange relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran have been provided to those countries. After applying the necessary precautions, the relevant security services, confirming the accuracy of the provided information, have detained or doubly exploited the spies in accordance with their anti-espionage strategies. It is obvious that providing information about spies related to other countries will depend on specific conditions.

3. In reviewing the records of spies related to 28 countries, it is observed that some individuals have volunteered to cooperate with Mossad and betray their own countries. More regrettable is the fact that Mossad’s hellish service, to verify the sincerity of the collaborators, has compelled them to engage in various treacherous operations against the interests of the affiliated countries and the security of their fellow countrymen!

4. In addition to the aforementioned methods, the regime’s intelligence services have, through designing various devilish methods and abusing public platforms such as cyberspace and social networks, immigration and job-seeking websites, identifying individuals during foreign trips, initiating contact with potential victims under various covers, and in subsequent stages, collecting information from them or diverting destructive missions to victims, , have taken various steps. In this regard, among the obtained documents, some thugs involved in several terrorist operations in Iran have also been identified and detained, and further information will be provided on this matter.

5. Considering that the examination of the obtained information is ongoing, the Ministry of Intelligence, in coordination with the respected judicial authority, will, for a limited number of individuals who, in any way or for any reason, have fallen into the trap of the illegitimate Zionist regime’s espionage organization, apply maximum assistance if they voluntarily present themselves to the Ministry of Intelligence’s information center and will request the utmost legal considerations.