Iran-India relationship friendly; Haaj Mahdi Mahdavipor thanked people of Kashmir and India for sending aid to flood victims

wilayattimes (India)

New Delhi: Expressing gratitude to the people and government of India for sending their humanitarian aid to the flood victims and standing alongside with the Iran during the recent devastated flood, Representative of Supreme Leader for India, Ayatollah Haaj Mahdi Mahdavipor termed the relation between Iran and India friendly and expandable.

Wilayat Times reports that While talking with the Fars News Agency, Representative of Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamanei for India, Ayatollah Haaj Aqai Mahdi Mahdavipour said after the recent devastated flood in Iran, we witnessed a wide sympathy and concern from the people of India specifically Shias as well as Scholars, Friday congregational prayer Imams and head of religious institutions across India.

Sending aid to flood victims and showing sympathy is a sign of love and attachment with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Supreme Leader which is highly admirable;Representative of Supreme Leader added.

He said, Representative Office in India received 15 million Indian Rupees flood aid from the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states of India which indicates a feeling of responsibility and solidarity. This is a sign of love and attachment with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Supreme Leader which is highly admirable.

Ayatollah Haaj Mahdi Mahdavipor said that Islamic Republic of Iran will never forget such a sympathy and love from people and Govt. of India, especially the helping hand of Shia Muslims. He further stated that relations between Iran and India are strategic and not related to this year and previous years, but it has been centuries old and relations are prior to the diplomacy of a civilization. He said that the state and people of India have always been along with Iran’s government and nation since the last 40 years of revolution’s victory.

However, the Supreme Leader emphasizes the expansion and deepening the relations between two nations; he added.