Iraqi Sunni Mufti praises Hezbollah’s anti-terror drive

wilayattimes (Iraq)
Baghdad:Senior Iraqi Sunni cleric Khalid Mulla said that the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement of Hezbollah is targeted because it is against Daesh terrorists in Iraq and Syria and against Israeli occupation.


Speaking at a congregation to voice support to Hezbollah here on Sunday, the leader of Iraq’s Sunni Ulema Association  Mufti Khalid Mulla said that the resistance movement’s leader Seyed Hassan Nasrallah is opposing sectarian and divisive plots.

The mufti also cautioned Iraqi statesmen and politicians against efforts to take over the country’s political system and to return a dictatorial regime to Baghdad with the help of US and its protégé governments in the Persian Gulf region.

Mulla’s comments were made amid public anger in Iraq in recent days after foreign ministers of reactionary Arab countries included Hezbollah in their so-called list of terrorist organizations.