ISIS Media Director Surrenders to Iraq Army in Anbar

wilayattimes (Iraq)

Baghdad:A media director of the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group has surrendered himself to Iraqi forces in the western province of Anbar, local media say.

Iraq’s Arabic news channel al-Sumaria quoted a source as saying on Wednesday that Mohammed Sager Salman known as Abu Ahmed al-Garehguli gave important details about senior Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) figures and its military strategies to the Iraqi army.

The source said that Salman had recently been appointed as the head of the Takfiri group’s media team.

Salman reportedly fled from the Takfiri group’s execution of its senior officials.

Reports also said that at least 17 Daesh militants were killed in a clash in al-Hamziya district in east Anbar. At least 130 booby traps were exploded during a clearance operation in the same area.

Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar Province, was liberated in December 2015, almost one year after it fell into the hands of Daesh. The city’s liberation marked one of the most significant victories for Iraq’s armed forces since Daesh Takfiris seized swathes of the Iraqi territory in June 2014.

The Iraq army, backed by volunteer forces, is fighting against foreign-backed militants to win back militant-held areas.

The Iraqi army has deployed troops to a base near Mosul to retake the strategic city from the Takfiris.

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