Islam far from terrorist attacks:Saudi Cleric

wilayattimes (Saudi Arabia)

Jeddah:Saudi professor stressed holy religions have never invited anyone to support terrorism stressing that any violence against lives and properties of the people are counted as a crime.

A’aref al-Awni, university professor from Saudi Arabia, on the sideline of global peace conference in Al Azhar University, Egypt, slammed terrorist attacks justified under the name of religion and stressed that no religion invites people to support terrorism, reported (TNA).
He said,” Criminals and terrorists imagine they can carry out violations under the name of religion and make use of holy scripts to justify their crimes” and added,” It is impossible that holy faiths call people to terrorism, atrocities or frightening people.”
A’aref al Awni expressed regret over the wave of oppression against Islam and criticized the intensification of oppression which has tarnished the image of Islam saying,” Some extremists relating themselves to Islam commit destruction, massacre and other crimes under the name of this holy religion.”
Saudi elite concluded that misunderstandings and distorted takes of Qur’anic texts as an important reason behind terrorist attacks and denounced pseudo-religious figures for their deviation in understanding and practicing religion, a mistake that has led to violating the holy book and oppressing the nations.