“Islam, religion of moderation and harmony:Iranian Sunni cleric

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Prominent Iranian Sunni cleric called Islam as a religion against extremism stressing that moderation should be set as the basis for Muslims behaviors.

Iranian Sunni prayer leaders from Kermanshah Province highlighted importance of solidarity to foil hostile intrigues stressing the pacifist views of Islam amid widespread Islamophobia in the world.

Mamusta Molla Mohamad Mohamadi, Sunni prayer leader of Shafei’ Mosque in Kermanshah, in his Friday sermon denounced those who spread immorality and corruption in the Islamic society.

He highlighted boosting morality as a mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and stressed,” Those who spread corruption are enemies of Islam and humanity” demanding for legal confrontation with any immorality.

Mamusta Molla Yahya Shahbazi, interim prayer leader of Ravansar, in his sermon underlined unity as the original reason for victory, happiness and honor of Islam.

He hailed Islam as a religion away from extremism urging Muslims to set moderation as the basis for their behavior.

The cleric noted,” To distance from Islam, sectarianism and expansion of innovative moves set the basis for disagreement among Muslims.”

Fragile religious beliefs, was counted as the origin for several social issues by the cleric.Mamusta Shahbazi noted,” Forgiveness is among features of the Islamic society and those who forgive their misbehaviors of their fellow brothers and sisters will be especially blessed by God Almighty.