Islamic Revolution keep Palestine cause alive:Hamas

wilayattimes (Palestine)

Gaza:One of the senior members of Palestine’s Islamic Resistance Movement has emphasized the depth of relationship between this movement and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Osameh Hamdan the head of the Hamas Movement office in Lebanon who has traveled to Tehran in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam News Network has put emphasis on the fact that the depth of relationship between Iran and Hamas has its roots in the principle of full scale support for the issue of Palestine as one of the principles that the Islamic Republic has been loyal to it from the outset of its existence until know.

He Added that there is no doubt that Islamic Revolution has a special place among Palestinians especially because of the fact that Islamic Revolution changed Iran relationship with Zionist regime to a great regional country which is supporter of Palestinian nation; Islamic Revolution has always been the supporter of Palestinian nation and the issue of Palestine. About the relationship between Iran and Palestinians Hamdan said: “our understanding and belief is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has fully supported the Palestinian nation and their resistance against Zionist regime.

This senior Hamas official emphasized that the Issue of Palestine must overcome the damages that the region and the Arabic and Islamic Ummah have suffered and become able to point our weapon and might at the real enemy of the region and the Islamic nation.