Zionist minister backs Syria’s sectarian partition

wilayattimes (Tel Aviv)

Jerusalam: Officials with the Israeli regime, which is already widely accused of supporting Takfiri militants wreaking havoc in Syria, have called for the partition of the Arab country along sectarian lines.

An Israeli minister has cast doubt on the longevity of a lasting ceasefire in Syria, suggesting instead that the country should be partitioned along sectarian divides.

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Moshe Yaalon, Israeli defence minister, said he is “very pessimistic” about the possibility of a lasting truce.

“Unfortunately we are going to face chronic instability for a very, very long period of time,” a Reuters news agency report quoted Yaalon as saying.

“And part of any grand strategy is to avoid the past, saying we are going to unify Syria. We know how to make an omelette from an egg. I don’t know how to make an egg from an omelette.”

Yaalon also predicted that Syria will turn into “enclaves” under the de-facto control of religious and ethnic sects, including President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite sect, the Druze religious minority and the Kurdish ethnic group.

“They might cooperate or fight each other.”

The Syrian fighting started as an unarmed uprising against Assad in March 2011.

It has since escalated into a full-on armed conflict between government forces and rebel groups, killing more than 260,000 people, according to estimates by the UN.