JK CM asks Ulemas and Scholars to promote universal message of Islam among people

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar: Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti has asked religious scholars and ulema to educate people about the true spirit of Islam which encompasses peace, seeking knowledge, compassion and piety. She said the worried aspect that the most poor and disadvantageous section of society becomes the ultimate victim of situational turbulences needs to be pondered over and solution found of.
Interacting with a delegation of religious scholars and ulema here, the Chief Minister said the critical need of the hour is to spread the universal message of Islam among masses and also clear the misgivings among other communities. “This is a challenge but”, she said, “given the influence and respect you command I hope you would rise to the occasion and discharge the obligations ordained upon you”, she told the ulema and scholars.

The Chief Minister regretted the observation that it is the lowest strata of society, poor and underprivileged which bear the brunt of situational uncertainties. This leads many to go for begging or sell their assets to sustain a living, she said while asking the ulema to explain to people this situation which inflicts more pain and injury to the social health of our system.

Terming peace, education and compassion as fundamental components of the Islam’s message, Mehbooba Mufti asked the scholars to think as to what the societal chaos and educational deprivation have brought to the Muslim societies world over and draw lessons from that.

On the role of education in elevating a society, Mehbooba Mufti said Islam has amply laid stress on attaining knowledge as knowledge is a great social leveler. She said the success of 57 Muslim candidates this year in the civil services examination is a proof that with education youth can achieve anything in the world while appealing the ulema to highlight the importance of seeking education in their discourses.
On the recent incident of stone pelting at a school bus, the Chief Minister said it was satisfying to note that every section of society in the State condemned the incident unequivocally. But, she said, the question remained as whom these people were representing. “Obviously, not the people of Kashmir for whom the future lies in education and not in illiteracy”, she added.