Kashmir cops persecutions against medicos,Surprisingly turn out to be flowerily animation

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Aga Syed Amin:At the rudimentary medico- fertility indifferences witnessed widespread raucous by police which evoked rampant condemnations in the Kashmir valley. This compounded into massive protest by doctors, organised by the Doctors Association of Kashmir ‘’ DAK” after Syed Maqbool a Senior Cardiologist was allegedly beaten up by the police and was detained for hours together.

Initially it seemed hiccups , but after several doctors reported being harassed by cops set all the tongues wagging about the inharmonious kinships of police with doctors at the critical juncture of pandemic.

Placards were displayed by doctors which read “ Cops can detain us ,

Thrash us , abuse us , but they won’t succumb our services for the patients”

According to the veteran Cardiologist of valley who was knocked to his pauperism has this to say

“ My cab was halted by cops with saying to find alternative routes , despite, proved my medico homogeneousness moreover, hitherto behind my schedule , I solicited them to allow me but received the utter -some spoilage of my time and a fiasco to be favoured .

On my desired- solicitation to communicate with big-wigs of police , but the shit hit the fan. Maqbool goes on saying he was kicked at the belly at a stretch with police batons , meanwhile SHO, rushed towards me then yanked finally detained me.

Things with Dr Maqbool don’t end here , he said “ I strived to protest , that I be allowed to reach my hospital at this my cell-phone was snatched , with warnings to be hushed else get ready for hell .

However, it was 4pm my phone ban was lifted-up , I was able to contact my fellow doctor to keep vigils over the patients.

Cardiologist was dictated by the Police what He should say to the caller at the other end of phone, if he don’t he will be then unclothed exposed as naked behind bars till he dies of his ignominy.

I posted the whole story of social network sites , and the post went viral , police too went to flare-up , now they turn furious wanted crush whole medical fertility, they meanwhile order to probe and sometimes sought pardonable mercy.

Soon after my posts made rounds on cyberspace , it was by this dint the Inspector General of Police, Kashmir Zone, took strong notice of the complaint appearing in social media circles about police personnel while discharging their duties on the road. He instructed a senior officer to submit a factual report regarding the same. It was also reiterated that doctors, paramedics, and police are jointly combating COVID 19 and whatever incident has taken place, we shall look into it and conduct impartial inquiry besides take due action”, said a police spokesman.

In yet another incident valley’s hotshot female gynaecologists strenuously endured the brunt of police inhume, they were blocked to move even an inch forward after delivering their day- long services. The doctors included Professor Farhat Jabeen Head of the department OBG, told NVI that “cops used foul language and also misbehaved with three other female gynaecologists. Dr Ambreen Qureshi associate professor , Dr Sabahat Rasool of LAl Ded hospital Srinagar.

Meanwhile, J&K LG’s security advisor B R Bhatnagar, who is currently under quarantine, said that Director General of Police Dilbagh Singh and principal secretary Health Atul Dhuloo have taken note and things have been sorted out amicably.

Police plays the significant role at critical times in the society especially in Jammu and Kashmir , they have verities of remarkable stories in credit but identical crisis cause occasional scourge between organizations.

A highly ranked police officer posted on his Facebook wall that “Organisational identity is creating professional dandruff..

The debate is not between medicos and police collectively but it is individualistic dilemma , it is the scuffle between two different professionals and both are vital organs of the society , things need to be reconciled at the earliest , either of them could be right or wrong.

Issuances of passes should be monitored deeply before issuing them to the right person.

The post goes on stating ‘’ Mostly passes are being issued for such persons who are restricted to move during lockdown periods.

Thus validity of the pass matters , one is not allowed who fails to produce authentic pass, here profession is not necessary , but life.

Police seeks wholeness of cooperation in the society , relaxes the stringent restrictions at required times .

The officer further goes on saying on his post that “ However we have myriad instances in the womb of society , where police is working hand in hand with the public relaxes restrictions at required times for total social betterment.

Need of the hour is to understand the ethos of their job , for what all are paid .“Both the services are charged on state exchequer. No one is doing a free service. Both of them must show patience in these distressed times We love both of them. Society is calling for both the services” post adds.

Everyone’s service is vital in all perspectives for personal and social interests “Say for example a baker ekes out his bread by making bread for others reversely serves the society . Likewise , people of all walks are contributing to the society .

In the same way cops and medicos are serving for both purposes , the question arises here is then why the society should be obliged to these individuals?

At a time when both of them have a self interest which is in coherence to collective interest of society?

Let us not expect society to be obliged to us instead lets Stop being a Covid hero and instead do your job properly.

Meanwhile , police was trying to suffice the conundrum which rattled chaos between police and doctors

Chief Medical Officer Bandipora Dr. Tajamul Islam was stopped by police on Tuesday while he was on way to inspect quarantine and sample collection centres in the district.

His official halted by cops near the new District Hospital Bandipora complex and not allowed to proceed by the Bandipora Police.

However, CMO , was allowed after he sought the attention of concerned Deputy Commissioner Bandipora .Shahbaz Mirza of that time before the reshuffle was made in later on this episode.

In a merry go round chunks Police seized the opportunity in a jiffy to sabotage the advancing tarnishing images . very soon after protests staged my medicos and paramedics , police swelled into streets with flowers for health care professionals.

Without roundabouts , police reached the solo maternity hospital with candies and roses to wipe off the bitterness.