Kashmir Dispute is one of the catastrophes in the Muslim world:Ayatollah Kazim Sidiqui

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Kazim Sidiqui has described the situation in Kashmir region as one of the catastrophes in the Islamic world.

“The Kashmir issue is one of the catastrophes in the Muslim world. The Indian government was not expected to act in contradiction to international rules. This is contrary to their human conscience, fairness and even their internal laws,” Ayatollah Kazim Sidiqui said during Friday Prayers in Tehran with respect to the Indian government’ recent decision to strip autonomy of the Kashmir region earlier this week and beginning crackdown on the Muslim region.

The senior cleric further advised the Indian government to revise its decision on Kashmir. He said that “they must know that oppression and cruelty will not end well.”

“The Kashmir issue is one of the catastrophes in the Muslim world.

He further criticized the mistreating the top Nigerian Shia cleric Sheikh El-Zakzaky in India, where he went to receive medical treatment but had to return to Nigeria after Indian medical authorities refused to treat him there, saying that the actions against him were against human rights.

Elsewhere in his speech, the leader of this week’s Friday Prayers referred to the situation in Yemen, offering condolences on the martyrdom of the brother of the Yemeni leader al-Houthi.