Kashmir on cyberspace to Mark Quds Day

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Kashmir remarked international Quds day by making internet instrumental by raising strong condemnations. Multiple social sites were flooded by protests ragging from hashtags , posting Palestinian flags and much more.

Report by Saif Ali Budgami:

Quds day dates back the era of 1979 when The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Hazrat Imam Khomeini Ra, Coined this day aiming at to extend wholesome unshakable support particularly for Palestinians so to yield Muslim support to put on halt the predicaments of Zionism and Israel over them.

It further focuses on antagonistic role to by played on the Jerusalem day which was instituted by Israel in May 1968, which was declared by Knesset’s law as national holiday in 1998, Since from then it witnessed strong sedition’s against the illegal occupation of Palestine irrespective of different schools of thoughts.

Today’s Quds-day on cyberspace witnessed rapturous emergence of hope and promising talismanic days for the oppressed unlawfully tenanted lands.

Mohammad Abbas a Kashmiri based social activist twitted  “ if anyone snatches your house, it won’t belong to him anymore as the legacy goes for it’s heirs even after decades’’

On its rudimentary onset Quds day significantly evoked Palestinian Support, however, it call now Muslim unity to voice for voiceless, to speak vehemently for those whose rights have been smashed and deprived.

Kashmiri people were seen holding myriads of banners, placards , from their balconies, lobbies, which read utterly sardonic quotes in support of Palestine as well as Kashmir.

Nazir Ahmad, Hailing from Magam Budgam was seen protesting in local park Magam has this to say “ today we are demonstrating for the legitimate rights of Palestinian oppressed people, who have been deserted by Zionist regime, people from all walks can be seen in our demonstrations, which even includes, senior citizens and young children.
These people responding the sublime call of our Supreme Leader Ayatollah Hazrat Imam Khomeini, Ra. Our efforts are to rampantly attune our voices with those whose voices have been bolted. We honour the social distancing dictums ,to prevent Covid 19 .

In the past we hold strong demonstrations, in which multitudes of people took part. Since, the country’s trail for lockdown is underway, unlucky succumbed this year’s demonstrations.

The people didn’t admitted the defeat in the critical point of time , when Coronavirus alerted the fatal consequences, people here in Kashmir made it glad enough for them selves in keeping the show going in through the virtual mediata nowadays buzz word .

A Kashmiri journalist Miss Aneesa khan summed up her venture “People uploaded whatsoever, was required to express anguish over the tyrannical demons of this age. Thus made it happen more effective to show the world what exactly Quds day means.” Khan added.

Meanwhile protestors across globe especially in Jammu and Kashmir raised their voice in support of people of Kashmir, Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Myanmar and Afghanistan  and call for end of violence in these regions.