Kashmiri Scholars and Seminary students in Qom condemned the Killings and pray for Kashmir

wilayattimes (Iran)

Qom:Kashmiri Islamic Scholars and Seminary students in Qom Iran has strongly condemned the Killing of innocent kashmiris and also prayed for the injured persons.During the Mourning sessions in respect of Ashura,speakers urged for unity,tolerance and proximity among different schools of thoughts in islam.

Speakers said that Kashmiri leadership needs to chalk out a strategy and guide the nation within the teachings and guidelines of Quran and Holy Prophet (SAWW) to reach the goal of freedom.

They termed the ban on Aashoora Majalis,friday prayers and procession as  interference in religious affairs of Muslims in Jammu Kashmir.
Special prayers and quranic sessions were held for the martyrs of Kashmir and safety of people of Jammu and Kashmir.
The programs were organized under the banner of Majma-e-Islami Kashmir.