Kashmir:Meet new Swashbuckler Sajad Bhat Next to Rohit Sharma

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Srinagar | Aga Syed Amin | August 20:Sajad Ahamad Bhat popularly known as Rohit Sharma hails from Gulmarg’s gate town called Magam — a maverick player oozing with batting prowess is an aptness of RS.

“Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.” “Champions never sleep, the eternal spirit keep them alert and awake.” “You don’t need to play every ball but every ball needs your judgement.“

Sajad Ahamad Bhat popularly known as Rohit Sharma hails from Gulmarg’s gate town called Magam — a maverick player oozing with batting prowess is an aptness of RS.

And if former cricket coach or the current coaches will chisel his batting caliber undoubtedly Sajad will prove to be next Rohit Sharma  the team has found a player who has ‘attributes very similar to Rohit Sharma

Sajad recently become the fixture of talks in the world of cricket lovers he is currently gearing up to register this victorious history.

Sensational human bazooka pitch hitter Sajad belongs to Sahara CC Magam Cricket team.

Ever since his arrival at cricket grounds has plundered runs in all games and that too at an alarming rate for his opponents.

Recently he fired 10 Sixes to reach his unbeaten 108 against Allied Sports Sopore . Sajad played a significant role to chase the score of 182 runs and won. Cricket lovers are more impressed with the young batsman, as they likened him with Rohit Sharma.

A senior cricketer said , “It’s early days but he is a hairs up on the back of your neck sort of player. Some of the shots he hits, some of his attributes are very similar to Rohit Sharma (below). He is the same sort of size, has long levers, hits the ball out in front of himself well, and hits it miles when he gets in.”

“There’s every chance we have got a bit of a golden nugget here. He’s done it the tough way but we are delighted to have him,” he added.

“After the early games I talked about throwing more punches. In the modern game you can’t have a breather, you have to keep going. The rate of cricket like y T20 format is moving, it’s almost reinventing itself every week now. You have to be prepared to play with a philosophy that means you are consistently taking it to the opposition. Sometimes it’s not going to come off but you need the personnel who can push that upper limit,” he added.

Sajad’s old time Friend has this to say

“He was 11-12 years old when I first saw him bat. I was immediately impressed by his performance and he was playing against Division A bowlers with ease. Then my friend told me that he was struggling to find a home and he didn’t have a coach here. In the last three years, he has made number of centuries and has taken hundreds of wickets,” Iqbal said .

The old cricket lovers who have been loving cricket from Javeed Maidad’s time said this newspaper that

“ This boy has talent for the shorter game. Give him 12 to 15 deliveries and he will tilt the game in his team’s favour,”

This is my time to explore my batsman ship qualities , i shall be working out on Rohit’s pet strokes and will be able to finish the game with challenging targets . Said Sajad

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