Lebanese Sunni scholar slams inaction against terrorism

wilayattimes (Lebanon)

Beirut:Prominent Lebanese cleric rapped those silent against terrorism as part of the deviate group saying that a solution for the plague is not achieved easily.
Sheikh Maher Hamoud, director of the World Union of Resistance Scholars, in his Friday sermon in Sidon’s Al-Quds Mosque said the world people have not made it to diagnose the threat of terrorism slamming those inactive against the plague as part of the issue, reported TNA

He said,” We are clearly witnessing that the US, Zionist regime and some rulers in possession of petroleum are backing terrorism but we cannot understand how a young person walk towards his death with the illusion that killing some civilians will take him to paradise?”

“We do not understand how can a government be a contender of so-called Islamic system struggling to expand its Islamic thoughts by massacring the people?” Lebanese cleric noted.

Sunni scholar stressed that to solve such an issue is not easily accessible but even confession to the issue is a preliminary step to solving that.

Sheikh Maher Hamoud referred to detention of a suicide bomber in Al Hamra neighborhood in Beirut, just before he carried out a terrorist attack while different groups did not show a particular move to denounce the crime and its kinds.

He called the media to play a more active role in regards to such crimes and said,” Those who call for remission of execution verdict for the terrorists or even calling for general exemption have taken silence against these crimes.”

Director of the World Union of Resistance Scholars stressed,” The plague of terrorism is not merely confined to terrorists and their supporters, rather Muslims who have taken silence against these crimes are also part of this terrorist plague and a company in their crimes.”