Lessons to learn from Covid-19 by newly married Syed Muntazar Mousvi

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar| WTNS | August 18: “Marriage ceremonies have been put on hold due to the coronavirus lockdown. But some couples chose to swap their big fat weddings for small intimate affairs. So, could that be the new normal? Syed Muntazar Mousvi and few others swapped the profligacy of marriages which has otherwise turned out to be a  catastrophic end of incalculable green and salad lives to enjoy the fruits of marriage and to start new phases of life.”

Wilayat Times News Service reports that the Seminary student Syed Muntazar Mousavi from central Ganderbal’s Dab took an abstemious initiative of his marriage in a Very modest and austere way , he has been now a fixture of talks by setting a glaring example of how simplicity can be made instrumental in hard times like the ongoing pandemic due to Covid-19 by abiding the Islamic criteria.

To be economically healthy in war-torn ravished land like Kashmir seems uncle Sam’s truths or Alice’s Wonderland albeit people here desert themselves to keep the charm pomp dancing by showing the highness in conducting marriages , many people follow the opulent and lucrative taboos but other stand firmly martinet to such stygian fashions.

 Emotionally crumbled  and psychologically amazed  Syed Muntazar witnessed  dozens of marriages with extravagance, show-off and lavishness are all what defines a marriage in valley a financial deal. We remained very dedicated to make marriage simple as like recommended in Islam not any kind of financial deal mostly happened off and on in our Vicinities.”

The newly married Muntazar Mousavi (Bride groom) said that those who spent lakhs on weddings of their children, they should first see whether their neighbours have been able to marry their wards. Our society has reached a point where our brides and grooms are crossing 40 years of age because we have burdened our marriages with heavy customs in our society. We are fast turning into a hedonistic society where we hardly bother to look for our poor neighbours or relatives. We are highly thankful to Almighty Allah, that we remained steadfast and organised marriage simple with an intention to cross a message across table that marriage is a pious bond not any financial deal and above all we are Muslims and Islam promotes simple marriages.

“The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also said: “Whosoever likes to follow my tradition, then he should know that marriage is from my tradition” and Nikkah should be very much simple not like nowadays where lacs of rupees are being spent on the marriage functions especially in our society. Bride groom added

Syed Muntazar Mousavi of Dab Ganderbal appealed people that there is a need that wealthy families should abstain for extravaganza in marriages as it becomes a trend and will lead us all straight into hell. It is high time that the society wakes up to this realization that extravagances on marriage has to be stopped at any cost.

“Syed Syed Muntazar Mousavi is currently studying in Hauza Al Mustafa International University  Qom Iran”.(WTNS)