Mass arrests of Jamaat, Ahlihadith members an ill considered, unwise misadventure: Dr Veeri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:South Kashmir Zonal president of National Conference and former MLC Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri demands release of all those arrested members of Jamat-e-Islami and Ahlihadith without any furthur delay to mitigate the damage caused by this undemocratic misadventure.
Addressing a press conference in Khanabal headquaters, Dr Veeri termed these arrests arbitrary sans legal basis which does not augur well for the state.

Dr Veeri cautions authorities from enforcing democracy with undemocratic means.Constitution of India guarantee freedom of expression to every citizen of country as a fundamental right. People having different opinion have every right to propagate their ideology & can’t be imprisoned with up & down in the security environment which is otherwise responsibility of those agencies who shift the blame.

Among all arrested people, majority of them are law abiding people & need due respect & right to dignity. Our history is full of examples that such measures neither worked in past nor will it yield any thing now,it is high time that authorities refrain from such arrests to prevent furthur alienation & anger in the minds of common kashmiris.

Arrest of Jamat-e-Islami members on the basis of ideology and contradictory viewpoint does not hold well with the idea of democratic and secular India.

By arresting the cadres of JEI administration has undermined the Probono services rendered by this highly disciplined organisation from last 50 years for social as well religious construction of our state which is highly condemnable on part of administration.

Dr veeri asserts that mass arrest of Jamat-e-Islami cadres is a perfect case of wasting energies, rather than reaching out to the people we are pushing kashmir towards anxiety and disturbance.

Administration has only played to the tunes of scaremongering by such foolish misadventure which is reprehensible.

Such ill thoughtout, misdirected kneejerk reaction will only aggrevate the already worsened security situation in valley.

Ex MLA Pahalgam, Ab.Kabir Pathan was present during the press conference along with senior leader National conference Farooq Bhat.