Matrimonial efflorescence in Simple espouse sprouting out; Multiple Schools of Thought Under One Banner

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS |  July 23: In a mass marriage ceremony, at least 51 couples from different areas of Kashmir tied a nuptial knot in Srinagar on Thursday.

The mass marriage ceremony was organised by the JK based NGO—“We the Helping Hand Foundation” which has already solemnized a series of such ceremonies in the last few years.

“We have already borne the marriage expenses of over 400 poor girls and expect to continue to organize more mass marriage ceremonies in future,” said Umar Wani, the Chairman of the NGO. “This year, we have already borne the marriage expenses of over 60 poor and orphan girls during two mass marriage functions and today we have borne the marriage expenses of 51 poor girls from different areas of Kashmir.”

Wani said that the main aim behind organising mass marriage is to promote austerity and simplicity during Nikkah and to help poor, orphan girls to get married who are overage now but unmarried due to social customs like dowry and gold demands.

He further added that they neither disclose the names of the girls who are getting married in mass marriage function nor do they allow anybody to capture photos of the brides. “Besides that no male is allowed to enter the rooms where these brides stay,” Wani said, adding that “many rituals have become a headache for underprivileged people and in order to help them with the help of public donations, these poor girls register themselves with the organization, and after verifying their credentials and other details, the NGO starts arrangements for their marriage.”

Wani said that they are also trying to unite the Ummah as they are inviting scholars of different schools of thought in Islam who deliver nikkah ceremonies.

He further added rich people have to play an important role in promoting simple nikkah as they should first see whether their neighbours have been able to marry their wards and if all will perform nikkah simply, then everyone can get rid of this headache.

While speaking over the function, prominent Social Activist Syed Aijaz Kashani said that Our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) spent the simplest life and he is the perfect example comes in our minds when we think of simplicity. Being his Ummah we must follow him and his teachings. When it comes to marriage, his Sunnah is to make the marriage an easy and affordable affair, but unfortunately today a lot of customs and rituals have crept in the process of marriage, most of which have absolutely no concept in Islam. Many of these processes are no more than a boast and a show. Simple Nikkah saves us from many other problems for example, an open ground for the spread of indecency, music/dance, and the mix gathering of the sexes; thus playing straight into the hands of the Shaytaan.