Mirwaiz Qazi Nissar Remembered on his 22nd Martyrdom Anniversary

Complete Shutdown observed in Islamabad Kashmir,Rally disallowed

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Islamabad:A complete shutdown was observed in South Kashmir township Islamabad Kashmir and peripheries to commemorate the 22nd Martyrdom Anniversary of Mirwaiz Dr. Qazi Nissar Ahmed. The Shutdown call given by Ummat e Islami evoked a great response. People gathered at Jamia Masjid despite restrictions where Members of Pro Resistance groups, Islamic Parties and Socio Cultural Groups including Democratic Freedom Party, JKLF, Hurriyat, Sout ul Awliya, Difayi Jamiat Ahlul Ahdees, Traders Association, Anantnag Chemists and Druggists Union, paid tributes to Dr. Qazi Nissar Ahmed. Meanwhile the party also arranged a Fateh Khwani .

The Police reacted by imposing curfew like restrictions with Indian Police patrolling the streets and disallowing people to enter the Jamia Masjid where “Martyrs Rally was planned”. The Police also barred entry to the Martyrs Graveyard where the slain leader is laid to rest, however people in smaller clutches reached martyrs graveyard and paid tributes to the founder of Muslim United Front who was martyred on 19th June 1994. The police geared up many party leaders as well as activists including Bilal Ahmed Mir, Waheed Ahmed Khan, Mudasir Ahmed Shah, Mohammed Sideeq Malyaar and dozens of youth activists including Majid Ahmed wani, Yasir Altaf, Rashid Ahmed, Aarif Reshi, Rouhid Qadri. The chairman of Ummat e Islami also had been detained while addressing a press conference at Qazi Manzil this Thursday.

The General Secretary of Ummat e Islami, Mir Muntazir Gul spoke on the occasion. In his address while paying glowing tributes to Shaheed Dr. Qazi Nissar he said, “I have been the first source always to anything related to Qazi Sahab. He was an honest and enthusiastic leader who sacrificed his life for the sake of nothing other than Freedom. He was the first one to oppose participation in elections during the rise of Muslim United Front.” He said that Qazi Nissar was the first one who called and supported for the “Joint Iqbal Park Rally” which lately is being lied against. Mir Muntazir Gul also said that the services of Qazi Nissar are very valuable and the nation deserves to know the truth. “Qazi Nissar was an outspoken leader and none of the resistance leaders had as much support as the Shaheed had and the fact unknown is he got a mere seven years to work in Kashmir, however his work for Freedom and religion still stands unmatched” Mir Mutazir said. He was a topic of discussion in the Indian parliament and the Pakistani parliament very frequently as he maintained his rock solid stance like Shaheed Maqbool Bhat and Zehgeer Sahab. Dr. Qazi Nissar was the architect of one of the golden chapters of Kashmir History, Muslim United Front. “The best way to pay tributes to the slain leader is remembering his Political and religious services and work for the betterment of the same” he said.
Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir who continues to be under detention paid glowing tributes to the party chairman. He appealed people for a complete boycott of the polls. He said voting for pro Establishments parties is no parallel to Azaadi but it gives a mandate to Pro establishment groups to oppress us and cage every voice that opposes their barbaric policies like Beef Ban, Industrial Policy, Separate ghettos e.t.c . people should refrain from voting for those who have leveled gun on our heads and have martyred our youth. “Voting for them is giving license to India to claim victory over the blood of martyrs” he said. “However the Pro Freedom groups also need to learn the number games, less than 62% of people are registered as voters in Islamabad” he said.

Mirwaiz Qazi yasir denounced the harassment of locals and restrictions on movements of people. The Chairman said it was the first time in 22 years that the rally was disallowed which proves how people Friendly the state government is. He said several children below the age of 15 have been picked up by the police including one Aarif Ahmed of Qazi Mohallah. He expressed serious concern over the plight of Prisoners languishing in various jails and said these prisoners are the real heroes of the struggle. Citing one example of Mohammed Ashraf peer of Dooru he said the prisoner continues to be booked under continuous FIRs and PSAs and has been languishing in jail from the last 11 years. The man has sacrificed his two brothers for the Kashmir Freedom Struggle and was also disallowed to offer funeral prayers to his mother as he was under detention when she passed away. “The Stories need to be told to every person in the nation” Mirwaiz Yasir said. “Irfan Ahmed Khan of Anachidoora has been under detention even when the High Court has quashed his PSA” he said. Mirwaiz Yasir also demanded his immediate release. Mirwaiz yasir also demanded the release of pro Resistance Prisoners including Ghulam Qadir Butt, Mushtaq ul islam, Mohammed Saeed, Dr. Qasim Faktoo, Ayoub Dar, Dr. Shafi Shariyati, Nawaz ul Din, Mohammed ishaq of JKLF.

Meanwhile Paying glowing tributes to Kashmir’s prominent socio-political personality of South Kashmir Shaheed Dr Qazi Nisar Ahmad on his martyrdom anniversary, APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Dr Molvi Muhammad Umar Farooq said such tragic assassinations had left an indelible mark on the psyche of the people, adding, the bloodshed of scholars, reformers and religious figures in the Valley was a collective loss of entire Kashmiri nation. The Mirwaiz said Dr Qazi Nisar had been striving for the unity among groups of various schools of thought and worked for the resistance movement which cannot be forgotten. Since 1990, under a well-planned conspiracy, top religious and political leadership of Kashmir was martyred from time-to-time with the design to eliminate the Kashmiri resistance leadership and make it leaderless,” the Mirwaiz said.