Modern Muslims and Growing Immorality

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Happening around our valley as youth adversely diverted through different immoral activities which not only affected the present generation in our society but also ruined the future generation of our civilization.

Saif Ali Budgami

Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) “ I have been sent to renovate the morals in you”

Exactly a group of people especially in our Kashmir valley have abandoned thinking and adopted the habit of blaming every event in their lives on “Luck!”

“Amazing how coincidences occur!”

Strange is this life, no one can violate its rules!Yet if we take some time to reflect on this issue, we discover that neither luck nor coincidences are factors in causing failure; the most vital factor winch mainly causes failure is immorality and ill manners. Thus, it is most accurate to say that the advancement of any society, including material advancement, is reliant upon its good conduct and morality. This fact has been established throughout history, removing any doubt that social conduct is a factor in the future of civilizations.
On the other hand, we notice that the nature of a man depends on his characteristics and morals. Therefore, man with morality deserves to be titled “humanitarian “ for possessing such characteristics, without which he does not differ from animals.


Some characteristics and unwanted habits weaken the ties of love and sometimes result in breaking up excellent relationships and happiness. Hot tempered youth who are unable to keep the love of others, erect an indestructible wall between them and society, which prevents them from realizing the light of love, nature, therefore, destroys the basis of happiness and devalues man’s character.
“Our lives are like mountainous area, whenever one makes a sound he hears the echo coming back at him”
Thus whose hearts are full of love for others will experience the same from them.
“ill nature is evil; and the worst of you’re those who are ill natured” Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h).
Now simply degradation means to lower ones standard of lifestyle, to make one a degenerate and to demoralize not only in standards, but in character as well. Degradation of ethical and moral values in today’s youth a major issue in the world and In our Kashmir as well. Rightly the reason of loosing the grace of happiness.
Primarily for the last few years the morality of Kashmir society has taken a nosedive. Materialism, cut throat competition in every sphere, soaring crime rate, no moral scruples in doing anything wrong, lack of respect towards elders, teachers and blatant corruption. What is most surprising is that it is happening in Kashmir, which is predominantly a Muslim majority state.
Kashmir has seen sea of changes from last few decades, both good and bad. The Paradises which was known for its unique culture based on values of humanism and brotherhood is turning out to be hotbed for various social evils. The innocence of people has somehow faded away due to which the anti-social incidents happen after every now and then.
While earlier people who were greatly influenced by the religious teachings including those of Islamic Saints, who dwelled here and spread the message of love, tolerance and brotherhood throughout their missions of imparting Islamic knowledge among people. People in present days have mostly become materialistic and are indulging in various anti-social activities due to which the norms and values for which Kashmiris were known are not upheld.
Many blame the growing modernization and westernization for the deteriorating of our values and culture but the biggest question that arises is that how does it affected our society? Is the westernization any sort of communicable disease that unknowingly affects a common man?
The answer is no. It is the change in the mindset of people which led to the acculturation here. When our minds and heart are not firm enough to protect our moral values, how can we blame any ‘nation’ modernization or westernization.
The prime reason for this mess we are in is the breakdown of the prenatal care and family care. Family is the basic unit of society and it is from a family that a child’s moral values. Due to increase in number of nuclear families, with both the parents working, a child is deprived of basic moral inculcation. Admitting children in Play schools having underpaid and demotivated teachers, is not a substitute to the care and moral education which a family provides.
Openly is too a great shield against moral degeneration. Islam is a way of life and a complete religion, but unfortunately religious education, formal or informal, is rarely imparted now. We are so concerned with our child’s career and schooling that we are ignoring religious education. Religion is a great prop in times of crisis.
One more thing to be added is the materialism being it as bane. As money has become everything for us. We don’t care whether the source is legal or illegal. This blatant materialism is the root of all evils in our society. It is not wrong in earning money but it should be through legal means and not through corrupt practices. Wealth does not guarantee happiness and peace of mind. The keys to peace of mind and happiness are treading a straight path.

Student’s Civil Role

The most disheartening ill mannered and moral degradation stories is about disrepute to the manner less student’s relation with manner less teacher a trend catching fast here under the nose of authorities. In recent past media pounced on some scandals that involved inappropriate teacher-student relationship in educational institutes. And I am privy to such nasty immoral stories where a fatherly figure in the garb of a teacher developed inappropriate relations with a student. It’s now too often to see the word, “teacher” in news headline these days and is quickly followed by the word, “scandal”.
What has led to this inappropriate trend in this sacred relationship? In the past teacher-student contact was confined to the classrooms. But the emergence of new technologies enhanced the possibilities of contacts between them. The simple fact today is that technology plays roles in inappropriate student-teacher relationships.
Teachers should not forget their roles as mentors and figures of authority. They should not fall into the trap of talking to their students intimately and respect the set boundaries with them.
Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) “You cannot treat people by means of your wealth; hence, you should treat them by means of your moral conduct.”
Similarly, issues like thefts, eve teasing, and betrayal have become common in the Valley and it seems that the situation is out of hands of the responsible authorities including religious scholars, parents and elders of our society.

Causes and consequences

There are many causes of moral degradation, including poor parenting, the condoning attitude of society, influence of media, family breakdowns and increased freedom.
The moral values of society worsen because many parents fail to teach children morality. Lack of consideration for others, sense of entitlement and rampart narcissism also contribute to moral degradation.
Family breakdowns contribute to moral degradation because they cause children to lose self-respect and respect for others.
Media contributes to moral degradation because it presents uncensored messages and images to the public. Increased access to a wide range of media, such as television, music, Internet, video games and cell phones, contributes to moral degradation. This is because most of these media broadcast violence, crime and obscenity.
People on the left are upset by the perceived greed of the one percent and the broad acceptance of torture and war as foreign-policy tools.
Every individual in this world endeavors to achieve “happiness “ and “tranquility “ and struggles day and night to reach this dream in the fields of life which appear like war arenas. He fights in this field willingly in most cases to sacrifice everything in order to witness the bird of happiness flying over his head to he may live beneath its shadow the rest of his life. Why he reversely receives the consequences not by the nature but by his ill manners and immorality himself. All ill manners and morals resembling an invincible dam blocking the stream of human happiness and tranquility.
Happening around our valley as youth adversely diverted through different immoral activities which not only affected the present generation in our society but also ruined the future generation of our civilization.
Therefore it is the duty of the civil societies, educational institutions especially religious educational centers to protect and guide the youth Islamic teachings of good morals and good manners so they can pave the way to create a spiritual and moral revolution in attempt to achieve excellent human morals and would surely refrain from these immoral activities and face challenges of life boldly and actively. The societies which are not armed with the weapon of morals and good manners are not ruled by worthy rules, and do not in fact deserve to live as a human body. It is for the reason that the destruction of previous great civilizations didn’t take place because of political or economic crisis but from a bankruptcy of good morals and good manners.