Muharram Gatherings To Follow Health Protocol & Guidelines of Scholars:Itehadul Muslimeen

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | August 12:This year traditional Muharram ceremonies will be held as per norms set up by the medical authorities in view of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, Jammu and Kashmir Itehadul Muslimeen (JKIM) announced on Tuesday.

In a Statement to Wilayat Times, the Executive Council of the party met here to deliberate on the issue and chart out a strategy to follow during the 40 day long mourning period which begins later this month. The meeting was presided over by the Chief patron Maulana Muhammad Abbas Ansari.

“It was decided at the meeting that like every year, this year too there will be mourning, In Sha’Allah but since holding gatherings at Mosques and Imambaras are not possible in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided that only short duration and safe mourning gatherings at the local level will be held taking every precaution to prevent the spread of virus and all large gatherings, Majalis, conferences and seminars etc. held at the central level shall stand canceled this year”, a statement of JKIM said.

According to the statement Maulana Abbas Ansari expressed hope that this year the Ulema, Khutba, Zakireen and the common people would show exemplary cooperation to make the Majalis safe. Maulana said that as per decrees of Mujtahids, we should behave very responsibly and mourn in our own homes as much as possible by using modern means of communication like TV, internet & social media so that the spread of virus and the loss of lives can be prevented.

JKIM also issued a set of guidelines which stress on small and short duration Majalis at the local levels with strict adherence to the following points:

– Short mourning Majalis with all necessary precautions should be organized at the local level in the neighborhoods and villages in which only known & limited number of people will participate as it is possible to identify suspicious people at the local level.

– Sick, elderly people and children should be barred from attending these Majalis and they will be restricted to home Majalis only.

– Before entering the Majlis, the believers, although they usually perform Wuzu, should still wash their hands and use hand Sanitizers.

– Everyone should wear a mask & no one should be allowed to enter without a mask.

– Physical distancing should be maintained in the Majalis.

– Majalis will be short and will start and end on time.

– Locally licensed traditional processions will be carried out with necessary precautions with respect to physical distancing and hand sanitizers and masks must be made available during these processions.

Lastly the party urged upon people to follow the decrees issued by religious authorities in respect of Muharram.