Muslim Countries problems rooted in Staying away from Quran:The Leader in meeting with participants of Quran Competitions:

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:In a meeting with the distinguished professors, reciters and memorizers of the 34th round of International Quran Competitions held with participants from 83 countries from around the world on Thursday, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei described Islamic identity as an obstacle to the interference and domination of the enemies and pointed to the objective of the pagan front to destroy this faith-based identity, reiterating, “Quranic teachings are the saviors and builders of the powerful and dignified life of the Muslim Ummah and should turn into the common and clear discourse in Muslim communities.”

Ayatollah Khamenei cited efforts to promote and comprehend Quran as one of the biggest virtues and highlighted the need for the continuation of the Quranic movement in the country, adding, “Unfortunately, we, the Muslim nations and countries, have drifted away from Quran and are unfamiliar with its true concepts.”

He described “disbelief in idolatry and faith in God,” as important and identity-developing Quranic concepts, reiterating, “Emphasis on ‘faith-based identity does not mean fighting or not establishing links and relations, but denotes demarcation and independence so that faith-based identity would be able to sustain itself before ‘the identity of idolatry and disbelief’ and continue its advancement.”

Ayatollah Khamenei cited the “domination of the Western culture, economy and politics” as the present predicament of the Muslim Ummah, adding, “Today, many of the Muslim countries do not have an ‘Islamic identity’ and although the people practice prayers and fasting, but due to the lack of a collective and Islamic identity, the enemies are capable of interfering in their cultures, beliefs, economy, politics and social relations and create repulsion and conflict among Muslims.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described as transformative and dignifying for the Muslim Ummah the understanding and practicing of the Quranic principle of “faith in God and disbelief in idolatry,” adding, “Today, the world of disbelief seeks to destroy the Islamic identity in every corner of the world.”

He cited distance from Quran as a cause for misuse by the enemies and the instillation of non-faith, dependence, and depravity, saying, “The current state of the Muslim governments and countries in the face of the US, Zionism, and plunderers stems from drifting away from Quran but if we get closer to Quran and the Islamic identity, all these problems would be settled.”

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the roles of artists, poets and writers in the promotion of Quranic principles, reiterating, “Turning Quranic principles into the public discourse among the people is possible and accessible with the efforts of the faithful and the spiritual.”

The Leader pointed to the isolation of Quran during the idolatry (pre-1979 Islamic Revolution) era and the flourishing of Quranic meetings and teachings in Iran thanks to the Islamic Revolution, adding, “Today, we are honored that our people and youth are familiar with and interested in Quran, and wherever in the country there is a Quranic meeting, a large number of the youth welcome it.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described working for Quran as a limitless mission and thanked the organizers of the Quranic competitions, adding, “All of the people, families and youth should be close to Quran and benefit from the advantages of affinity with Quran.”
Prior to the remarks by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Hojjatoleslam Mohammadi, the representative of Ayatollah Khamenei and the head of the Endowment and Charity Affairs Organization said, “The 34th round of the International Quran Competitions was held with the slogan of “One Book, One Motto”, attended by Quranic participants from 83 world countries and 400 Quranic figures, memorizers, reciters, referees and researchers.”

He added, “Holding a Quranic exhibit and the Quranic Research Conference and commemoration of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution particularly the Defenders of the Shrines [in Syria] were some of the most important programs on the sidelines of these competitions.”

At the beginning of the meeting, a number of professors and distinguished participants in the international competitions recited some Quranic versus.