Muslims needed to follow the true path shown by Holy Prophet (Pbuh);Seerat-Un-Nabi coneference held at Srinagar by AAC

Religious Scholars,Leaders and intellectuals threw light on the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

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Srinagar:Jammu Kashmir Awami Action Committee (AAC) organised a Seerat conference at its party headquarters at Mirwaiz Manzil Rajouri Kadal in Srinagar Kashmir. The programme was presided over by the AAC President and All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Chairman, Mirwaiz Molvi Umar Farooq while prominent Ulemas, intellectuals, religious and political scholars threw light on the different aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

In his presidential address Mirwaiz said presently when Muslims worldwide were caught in a web of both internal and external conflicts, the enemies of Islam were working overtime to ensure that Islam’s real message of peace and harmony does not reach the people which instead is distorted to present a bad image of Islam.He said to counter this propaganda, Muslims needed to follow the true path shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and need to follow the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in every respect and implement in both in their individual lives as well as collectively to bring revolutionary changes in their lives and society. He said the motive of organising the Seerat conference was to spread the message of the beloved Prophet (SAWW) and to understand that Muslims would command respect only when they would follow the true path shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in every respect and make him their ideal in every sense. He said that it is not only the responsibility of the Imams and religious scholars but every Muslim to propagate and implement the teachings of our beloved prophet in our day to day life. The Mirwaiz said while the Kashmiri Muslim society was at the receiving end of a brutal assault on its religion, economy and politics, it was the responsibility of every Kashmiri to come forward and help in healing this ailing society and standup for their rights while realising their responsibilities as well. He said if the Ulemas, Imams, parents, teachers, intellectuals, educated class and students do justice toward the responsibility they have toward the society, then there was no reason why Kashmir would not become a pious and just society.

In his speech Former Hurriyat Conference Chairman & Patron Itehadul Muslimeen Moulana Muhammad Abbas Ansari called for implementing the path shown by the great personality like Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) in letter and spirit and said the way the teachings of the beloved Prophet (SAWW) were the final word for the Sahaba in the 14th century, they were the final word for every Muslim in the present world and following them alone would make their lives and hereafter easier in every respect.

Referring to the revolutionary changes Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) brought in a dark world, JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik said the main reason of the problems and difficulties Muslims worldwide were caught in was that they were not following the true path shown by the beloved Prophet (SAWW).He said the Almighty Allah had made Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and his life an example for not only Muslims but entire humanity but if the same Muslim community was living at the mercy of others, the main reason of it was that they were not adopting the life of the beloved Prophet (SAWW) as a true path to be followed religiously and Islam as a way of life. Referring to the ongoing resistance movement, Malik said unity among the resistance leaders and unity among people will guarantee the success of the ongoing resistance movement .S
hedding light on the various aspects of life and times of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), Peer Saifullah said victory is the ultimate destination of the Muslims but the victory was possible only by following the true path shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

Those who also spoke and atteneded the conference included Tariq Maki, Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir’s representative Moulana Tariq Ahmad Maki, Moulana Wariq Bukhari; Muhammad Iqbal Kanth; Mufti Ghulam Rasool; Mufti Aijaz Ahmad Qasmi; Famous poet and Naat Khawan Shabir Ahmad and young Naat Khawan Abdul Hanan.On the occasion, religious scholars ,Resistance leaders, political, social activists, Imams, prominent traders, lawyers were present in large numbers while the programme was moderated by M S Rehman Shams.