“Muslims were founders of western sciences” Iranian Sunni cleric

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Prominent Iranian Sunni scholar hailed Muslims as forerunners of western sciences and stressed Islamic unity as the sole way for transcendence of science and using natural and human resources in the world of Islam.

Molavi Nazir Ahmad, Iranian Sunni Member of the Assembly of Expert in the Parliament, attended a meeting on Islamic proximity calling solidarity among different denominations a way for scientific ascendance and praised Muslims as founders of present western sciences, reported TNA

He said,” The biggest issue for the west is not applying sciences for transcendence and spiritual perfection of man” and warned that as the factor which turns life into a hell for the people.

“Western history is divided into several eras from the years before the Christ to the present but they all confess that the years following the Middle Ages and the Crusade was a burgeoning period for them inly due to the scientific resources they had plagiarized from Islamic references ”Sunni cleric noted.

He expressed regret that the Muslims are followers of the western countries in regards to science saying that the trend should be reversed.

Molavi Salami said,” The fact that the west is making decisions for Muslims is due to lack of Islamic unity and not practicing Qur’an recommendations on solidarity among Muslims.

He referred to the views of Imam Musa Sadr (Iranian-Lebanese philosopher 1928-1978) on Islamic proximity and said those who followed solidarity throughout history have arrived the perfect reality.

Representative of Sistan and Baluchistan in the Assembly of Experts added,” Proximity in view of Imam Musa Sadr does not translate into unification of the views of different denominations, rather joining each other against the enemies in contrast to some minor disagreements.”

In reference to the Fiq’h thoughts by Imam Musa Sadr on Islamic unity he said,” True unity realizes in the light of Fiq’h unification and this is the vital necessity for all Muslims.”