My journey with skill India, Writes Syed Nageena

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A good speaker must be first a good listener and when You’re encircled with people who have been the game changer in your life , what else you require, I learned much from My operational head Mr Manubindu, who speaks less and listens much , and when he speaks he is on the prowl with loaded prowess of silver-tongued pace.

By Syed Nageena

My juvenile schooling was undoubtly making lasting impressions on my mind , so happened one day when our English teacher was teaching us Robert Frost’s poem “the Road not taken”

He kept repeating its concluding line :-
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The poem was all about what did not happen: This person, faced with an important conscious decision, chose the least popular, the path of most resistance. He was destined to go down one, regretted not being able to take both, so he sacrificed one for the other.

Ultimately, the reader is left to make up their own mind about the emotional state of the speaker at the end. Was the choice of the road less traveled a positive one? It certainly made “all the difference,” but Frost does not make it clear just what this difference is.

Every day , the appeal of this poem was spiriting my conscience that I need a way out and devote my self for the service – every thing in this universe was going well , dawn breaking the night , dusk appearing like the foliage of any important mission- evening preparing to sleep in the lap of night.

Okay , I would examine my self for hours long “ sitting isolated in my room knowing if things are real with me , I would took that winsome perch on a high tool like that fussy man who was once in my English text book , murky cheeks and a tight melon stomach at whose behind was there had lingered the musty smell of an abandoned , haunted house .

The newspapers I read was that refection of uncle Sam’s lies , and while reading big pages word to word , I would smirk frown reflectively purse my lips , knowingly lift my eyebrows , nod in my grave agreement .

I read every thing even advice to lovelorn and column full with advertisements , there seems a wind blowing through my mind always what next will be my steps to see the murkiest folks of the country , who have been left on high and dry.

Again I would bolt my room and to my self examine again was all well this time I was recalling , the unemployment growth , what the dallies have stated in their survey reports again my chin was collapsing in my hands . sometimes liked that was my mathematics working well , suppose if one egg costs 6 rupees oh no 5 ehhh! Ohhh!! Caught in dilemmas, Rayees uncle sells an egg for 5 , while the same white colour , same size , single yoke egg cost 5 rupees .

Anyway , my Dad was able to buy them on what the cost shopkeepers would frame for them, I would tally like this 6× 6 = 37 or 36 Oh again messy , as my friend don’t like candies, her father had advised her on the thresholds of Sameer’s land where he was mowing grass that  “Sour candy such as Lemon Heads, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Skittles, Warheads, Now & Later, and Sour Gummy Bears are very popular among kids. Many types are not only sour, but hard and sticky as well, making them the absolute worst substance to come in contact with teeth.

I always used to talk arguably with friends on the issues like which car’s mileage is good and poor , one day I remember when my friend asked me “ How much does your father have in bank ? At what I replied ten million times more your father have!

Days turn into weeks , weeks into months, months into years , all was like to live in a wonderland , and I don’t know where that money go about I replied to my friend

Now I’m mature to decide about candies their flavour and the prices ,as they say

Maturity is the ability to reap without apology and not complain when things don’t go well.

Maturity is often more absurd than youth and very frequently is most unjust to youth.

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.

Wrapping up the dry socket story , three years back on a very beautiful cheerful day full with vitality , the June was is full swing in its prime.

On the sunny day of June 11 2017 , I joined Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra at Orion Edutech Samba with prolific job as placement head.

I was overwhelming with the excitements that I’ve found a white collar -job after I was promoted from central Manager to placement head.

My jubilation’s seemed suspended , short lived , when I was encountered with the faces of mood swings of grotesque breed.

I am with the same taste of Shelly , Words Worth, Robert Herrick , St Coleridge, that “Old birds will never wish to see new comer to share their nest.

I found my presence plundered their their smiles and produced the visible signs of malice, arrogance , all those deadliest sins from which one needs to shielded at the earliest.

However, I’m a Muslim girl , but believes in that Pooja can alter ones destiny , here my mood was adjusted by my liver-part Pooja maim , who cared me like her devotional appeal for the Shuli flower to be served in temples.

Suganda is sacred flower used for Pooja, used to adorn the incarnations of Lord Shiva and other Lords , here I’m talking about my Suganda maim the most sublime like Pooja.

These are the pearls who endangered my perils , of facing the brunt of haunting gooses of mood swingers.

Matt Dillon once said ,

“I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’ve had my share of mood swings, believe me. But it’s a powerful thing when you realize that you have dominion over your behaviour and your passions”.

I put on record my sublime gratitude for all your love and support, you showed for me, believe I could have succumbed to the pressure cooker situation , but it were you , who cemented my confidence , concreted my determinations , so that I kept the ball rolling on . you are my comrades for whom i say are the rarest forms of gems .

Staying somewhere with all your wits means , you’re happy and it further means that there is someone who prays for you , and yeah I’m cocksure that two lilies are in my garden who persuade my insights to wear the murmuring notes of jocund , respected Diksha and Preeti maim I am caught between the deep sea and dwell that what I owe to say can’t or shall I disturb by asking my favour in this regard that “ with what lyrics should I pay my indebtedness for your glorious support , which made me daring to stand on my knees- other wise I was always on my boots to flee. You proved that an organization is a family and families are the the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter I’ve learned from my inspirational guru Dr APJ Abdul kalaam Azaad that “one must love his job ‘And I always love my work passionately , less bothered about the manpower it holds , in their attitude, arrogance and much more .

During the span of three years living with such generous breed I’ve learned very much side by side, our quest adventitious journey for fetching the pool of innovative breed and to shape their careers for secure future is repeating a history it self .

The rural areas has always been a challenge for our organization to make things happens , despite the sun and the times rain , we took our caravan to the realms of enlightenment eons.

The need was to focus on livelihood creations for rural youth which underlined the importance of self respect , self employment and developmental opportunities.

Actually what is important for India right now is as I think self – respect , self -employment and developments which our organization had undertaken , we met number of youths explored their skills and provided them the livelihood at better means .

We worked hand in hand to provide job facilities to the downtrodden youth , who were lurched in the messy world of impossibilities.

We strived hard to re-orient policies and programmes to suit our countries growing population’s employment and livelihood needs .

We seek to give more focus towards specialty trainings in technical as well as day-to-day household job oriented trainings required by youths in abundances.

There are the collective responsibilities to train youths with myriad job oriented courses , so they can live the life of self respect and self dependent .

The crafting of rural youth has been our adventitious in which we ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades of the domestic industry to raise quantitatively and qualitatively the industrial production by systematic trainings to reduce rapturous employment among the educated youth by providing them employable skills , to cultivate the nature of technical and industrial attitude.

Such trainings has been successfully shaping craftsmen to meet the existing as well as the future manpower which we need to further stretch our nature of work and to ensure the promising future of our gen-next .

In the conclusion I must say that my heart is swollen for taking up the more challenging job strongly believing that I have in my support the game changers .

The respected top boss Mr Bhaskar, whom I shall remain indebted always for caring , supporting, and teaching how to deal with the raising challenges, wholly encouraged me at my very beginning and on every steps I took forward was aptly to feel that I can do the things at my own.

Mr Tanveer Qureshi attuned my tone of working , he had been my true mentor by delving deep onto my decisions creations , helped me always, stood with me in rectifying and polishing my decisions.

From you Sir , I’ve learned how important decision making is when time demands our calibre to come out with the logical outcome , there have been the times we shared our thoughts which abruptly worked magic and proved fruitful for all us and for our mission.

I owe to pay my tributes to one of the genius man , who professionally taught me the real work culture cantered on professionalism , all sweets , taste much sweeter when formed on the professional basis

Mr Nalidar say , I’m referring your Excellency here that how can i sum-up your qualities in short lines Living with you , in the professional arena , you made me to believe passionately on what you do and never knowingly compromise to your standards and values . Act like a true professional , aiming for true excellence and you will be followed by all luxuries in the long run .

My placement department is always poured with the oceans of love , I, owe to respect my seniors there, Mr Nazim Sir and Soma Maim , You were my elementary teachers in my office , who hold the tremendous positions in my life, and I’m lifetime prayer for you, you proved for me as the beacon in such a new world where I was not even able to discover my self .

There is no worthy blessing more worthy than having anyone quite so wonderful as the people who are your seniors and when you’re still a fresh .

My reporting boss had been my finniest fellow , who is bestowed with all professional parameters, he is my truthful guide , always tackled me at the most worst edges.

On my stumbling jerks , it was Mr Amit Sir, who has the golden heart to support me always , I wish you best of luck ahead in your life.

A good speaker must be first a good listener and when You’re encircled with people who have been the game changer in your life , what else you require, i learned much from My operational head Mr Manubindu, who speaks less and listens much , and when he speaks he is on the prowl with loaded prowess of silver-tongued pace.

I’m indebted to all you , and it gives me immense pleasure to carry on my services with skill India , which is the super scope to strengthen your how now in amalgamation of people of all walks , it is an adventurous job , oft and oft love to talk to trainees, love to lend ear to their experiences.

They have the sparking eyes which glisten to give rays for others by imparting the skills , they’re the actual key players .

I’m thankful for all your love, sympathy, teachings , I shall undertake all my duties with the polite heart, and I’m devoted in my sincerity to fetch all requirements .