New Delhi’s interference into religious affairs of Kashmiri Muslims unacceptable:Dr Veeri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar:Expressing deep concern over the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) ‘assessment’ report, Senior National Conference Leader and Member of legislative Council Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri Sunday said that Centre’s interference into religious affairs of Kashmiri Muslims wasn’t acceptable.
In a statement, Dr Veeri said that report indicates and establishes the fact that New Delhi has completely failed to tackle Kashmir problem which is purely a political issue and needs political resolution.
Veeri said that New Delhi’s proposed plan of controlling mosque, madrassas, print and TV media violates the basic fundamentals rights including right to freedom of religion (Articles 25-28) guaranteed by Constitution of India.
“Article 25 of Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and free profession, practice, and propagation of religion. How Modi Government can interpret or decided things for us,” he said.
He said that according to Article 26 which guarantees freedom to manage religious affairs, Gov’t has no right to manage religious affairs in Kashmir or for that matter New Delhi can’t control Madrassas as Article 28 guarantees freedom of attendance of religious instructions or religious worship in certain educational institutions.
Veeri said that gag on media of any kind will violate the Article 19 which says that all citizens shall have the right to the freedom of speech and expression which is essence of democracy. Does GOI intend to suspend all fundamental rights guaranteed under Constitution in Kashmir?
Seconding the views of former Finance Minister P Chidambram, Dr Veeri said that New Delhi has nearly lost Kashmir as it failed to engage itself with people here. As rightly said by Chidambaram that seven million Kashmiri feel alienated by the oppressive methods of GOI which is a terrible mistake & Army chief’s statement against people who agitate will be treated as Overground workers of militants was the last straw, Veeri further elaborated.
Kashmir is a political issue and needs to be resolved politically. No oppression and suppression of any kind can gag aspirations of people.
Asking New Delhi to revisit its Kashmir Policy, Dr Veeri demanded immediate release of all those detained under Public Safety Act. He asked New Delhi to restart political dialogue with all stakeholders for finding a lasting solution to Kashmir Problem.