No compromise on the dignity and respect of Holy Prophet (S), Blasphemous acts intolerable:Waseem Reza Kashmiri

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS |  Nov 18: J&K`s young Iran based Islamic scholar Waseem Reza Kashmiri while fulminating yet another extravagant blasphemous statement of the most infamous man against the last Prophet the proclaimer of Islam whom Allah the great has sent as the mercy for the universes.

Prominent Kashmiri Seminary scholar called Wasim Rizvi and Narsinghand Yati `two faces of same coin`, Urged Govt. of India to take stern action and demands complete ban on the blasphemous book

In a statement issued here,  prominent Islamic Seminary Scholar of Al-Mustafa(Pbuh) International University Iran said that Rizvi has left Islam and has made it clear by his actions and words that he is not a Muslim. Therefore, it is illogical and against Fitrat (nature) to associate the statements and thoughts of this apostate with the Muslims and there is nothing wrong with calling him an enemy of humanity, peace, betterment and democracy. There is a need for the Government of India to take stern action against such mischievous elements without any delay, keeping in view the situation in the country and the sentiments of the Muslims, so that they may be punished severely.

He was the last Prophet (Pbuh) sent to the earth in a chain of Prophets sent at different spans of time. Unlike the earlier Prophets who were sent for particular people and for that particular time, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent for the whole humanity. Quran describes him as the “Mercy for the mankind”.

After demanding and seeking the off to intervene in abrogating some revealed chapters from the divine book , this time the blasphemous Wasim Rizvi is  disreputable against the our last Prophet “ PBuH” . The book which has been penned down by the most filthy person is written in Hindi Wasim Rizvi has been making repeated statements for the last few years about how the peace in the country will deteriorate. He is working to hurt the feelings of the people somewhere. No action is being taken against him.

He demanded a complete ban on the blasphemous book written by Wasim Maloon in honour of the Prophet of Islam (SAWW) and reiterated that Muslims and senseful human beings cannot compromise on the honour of mercy of the worlds (SAWW) and like him in history, the filthy people have gone through a lot which ended in humiliation and disgrace but the sad fact is that in a country like India which is known as the cradle of different religions and sects, the perpetrators of blasphemy and blasphemy are being given free rein which is contrary to human, moral and democratic values.

Such statements are the absolute errands to defame Islam and to drench the sentiments of millions of Muslims.

The seminary demands the early punishment for Wasim Rizvi who is the chief unscrupulous element of dichotomy as he is the masqueraded Shia .

The statement further states that Wasim Rizvi is a sheer apostate he has unlucky been the former chairman of Shia Waqf Board of Lucknow in Indian Uttar Pradesh  and the head of Dana Devi Temple Yeti Narsinghand as the flip sides aiming to hamper the sentiments for this these two are instrumental in breaching the religion tolerance and posing the constant rift in the coherence mutuality of notions .

“If Rizvi and Narsanghand are openly disturbing the peace and trying to create sectarian strife, then why is the government silent?”

Waseem Reza Kashmiri deplored the silence of the Muslim Ummah and called upon the scholars and leaders of other religions to take concrete steps to prevent such incidents and maintain peace under the laws in thwarting the conspiracies in order to tackle the challenges.