Occupation of Palestine sparked regional issues:Sheikh Al Azhar Ahmad al Tayyeb

wilayattimes (Egypt)

Cairo:Egyptian mufti noted the occupation of Palestine as the issue which sparked other predicaments in the Middle East region stressing settling the issue of Palestine as key to achieve peace and global justice.Ahmed al Tayyeb, prominent Al Azhar sheikh, slammed the dual policy of some countries in regards to the issue of Palestine saying that issue has led to several other troubles in the Middle East region.

He said,” Many of those who discuss the issue of Palestine do not practice what they preach; therefore, we demand western countries to solve the Palestine issue so that peace and global justice prevails the region.”

He counted western view of Muslims as another problem noting,” Western countries imagine themselves as civilized and Muslims as a nation which lags behind setting that as the excuse to save Islamic countries from savagery while it was due to the very Islamic civilization that they were saved from darkness and oppression.”

Ahmed al Tayyeb added,” We have not grown an accurate understanding of western civilization and take that synonymous with secularism and immorality turning a blind eye over the humanitarian and academic aspect of the western life same way taht western countries have not understand Islamic civilization accurately.”

Egyptian figure also stressed necessity of interfaith dialogue and said,” Different religions share several commonalities and few differences; hence, an interfaith dialogue can also be called a dialogue between believers.”

He referred to the long background of interfaith dialogue and said an important key in interfaith dialogue is abstaining from imposing your views on others. (TNA)