Opposition Leaders Slammed Modi government over EU delegation`s visit to Kashmir

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

New Delhi:Leaders of opposition political parties attacked central government for allowing a foreign delegation of European Union MP`s to Kashmir.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has also joined other opposition leaders in attacking the government for allowing a foreign delegation of European Union MPs to visit Kashmir.

She said, “European MPs in Kashmir allowed to visit and intervene, but Indian MPs and leaders were sent back from the airport as soon as they arrived! This is a very unique nationalism.”

The CPI(M) has also slammed the central government for allowing an EU parliamentary panel of majorly far-right MPs to visit Kashmir. CPI(M) senior leader Nilotpal Basu said, “What the government has done is an outrage, first there is a lockdown in Kashmir and the national political leadership is not being allowed to freely visit Kashmir, the top leadership of Kashmir are either in detention in a declared or undeclared manner.”

“It is increasingly the government faced with criticism internationally about its Kashmir policy, in such a background it seems a group of extremely right wing MPs from different countries they are coming here as individuals. We are not aware that their national government or national parliament aware of their visit to Kashmir. It is an unauthorised delegation and a private delegation where prime Minister is meeting them, national security advisor meeting them,” he said.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday slammed Centre for allowing a foreign delegation of EU MPs to visit Kashmir. He also pointed out that most of the MPs who are a part of the EU Parliamentary delegation suffer from Islamophobia.

“Fantastic Choice of MEPs who suffer from a disease -Islamophobia (Nazi lovers)are going to Muslim majority Valley,” he said.

Fantastic Choice of MEPs who suffer from a disease -Islamophobia (Nazi lovers) are going to Muslim majority Valley, sure people will welcome them by Ware Paeth Khoshh Paeth, Gairon pe karam apano pe sitam, ai jaan-e-vafaa ye zulm na kar, rahane de abhi thodaa saa dharam.

Commenting on the government’s decision to allow a 27-member European Union delegation of MPs to visit Kashmir, Congress leader Anand Sharma the government could have avoided this. “We have not been allowed to visit Kashmir meet the ordinary people there. He questioned the government whether a “certification” was needed from a group of foreign delegates with regard to the situation in Kashmir. It is worth mentioning that the government has maintained that all decisions related to Kashmir are internal matters of India.