Pakistani people, gov’t consider Iran most significant country: Pakistan Speaker In a meeting with Ayatollah Arafi

Qom is very valuable helps foster unity among Islamic faiths.

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said common beliefs and values of Tehran and Islamabad have made Islamic Republic of Iran the most important country in the eyes of the Pakistani people and government.

In a meeting with the Leader of Friday prayer Qom, Head of Iran’s Seminary Schools & Vice Chancellor of Al Mustafa International University Ayatollah Ali Reza Arafi late on Friday, he added that Iran-Pakistan ties have always been brotherly and friendly and level of ties should be improved further.

Reiterating the need for unity among the Muslims to counter terrorism and extremism, he said that those committing acts of terror in the name of Islam are not Muslims at all.

Ayaz Sadiq described developing scientific ties between Muslims as the most significant step to withstand Takfiri thoughts, saying that teaching all religions in a correct manner in Qom is very valuable and it helps foster unity among Islamic faiths against the Daesh and Taliban-styled Islam.

Given the numerous commonalities, current level of economic relations is not satisfactory and both countries’ capacities to that effect should be activated, he said.

“Iran and Pakistan should be each other’s biggest economic partners,” he said, lamenting that this has not yet been materialized.

Highlighting the shared culture between Iran and Pakistan, Pakistani official said that international community does not want strong Iran or Pakistan and they do not favor the two countries’ success and for the same reason unity between Iran and Pakistan has a major message for them.

Stressing the need for the Muslim nations to stand united about issuance of resolutions on Kashmir by the UN, Ayaz Sadiq called for Iran’s support and unity among the Muslim nations to save Kashmiri Muslims.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq arrived in Tehran on Friday morning at the head of a parliamentary delegation.

During his stay, Pakistani speaker, in addition to meeting high-rank Iranian officials, will visit the picturesque city of Isfahan and make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mashad. He leaves Mashad for Islamabad late on Tuesday.