Pakistan:Iran’s role emphasized to help soution of Kashmir issue

Seminar held in Islamabad,Speakers criticized the UN for not implementing the Resolutions passed by the Security Council on J&K

wilayattimes (Pakistan)

Islamabad:Speakers at an international seminar in Islamabad unanimously criticized the United Nations for not playing an effective role on Kashmir issue and emphasized the role of regional powers, including ‘Iran’, to help resolve Kashmir cause.

The seminar, inaugurated on Thursday by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, was organized by National Assembly Secretariat and Young Parliamentarians Forum at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS).

The speakers criticized the UN for not implementing the UN resolutions passed by the Security Council on Kashmir issue. They said that as far as the issue of Kashmir is concerned it is the responsibility on the shoulders of the UN and it should not refrain from its responsibility regarding Kashmir cause.

Nazir Ahmed, a member of the ‘British House of Lords’, expressing his views, said Pakistan should seek the help of regional superpowers like Iran, Russia, China and Turkey to resolve the issue of Kashmir. Some of these regional powers have played an effective role to fight terrorism in Syria, so they have the capacity to help solve Kashmir issue, too.

Recently Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif in India had proposed that if Iran is requested by Pakistan and India, would be ready to mediate between the two neighbors.

Criticizing the UK, UN and even EU for not playing effective roles to help solve Kashmir issue, Nazir Ahmed said, ‘My country ‘UK’ has not done enough in this regard.’

He called for the expansion of the UNSC permanent members, adding that Pakistan, being a nuclear weapon state, should be included in the revised the UNSC.

President of Pakistani Kashmir Masood Khan said Kashmir issue can only be resolved by addressing the demands and aspirations of the Kashmiri people through implementation of the UN Security Council resolution.

He said that even Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi said in 1948 when the issue of Kashmir had started that if Kashmiri people want to be part of Pakistan no power could stop them.

He added that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan as the UN Security Council has passed a resolution on the issue making it an international dispute.

Mohammed Afzal Khan, member of the European Parliament, criticized the right of veto available to permanent members of the UN Security Council calling it highly discriminatory. He said that international community has failed to help resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Member of Pakistani Parliament and the current Chairperson of Benazir Income Support Program Marvi Memon said that issue of Kashmir needs to be highlighted on all forums and ‘for this we should amplify our efforts.’

Sheikh Tajamul Hussain, a senior journalist, viewed that Zionist Regime has long been an obstacle in the way of solution of Kashmir issue.

Speakers on the occasion said they expect the upcoming UN Secretary General to play more active and more effective role in solving the Kashmir issue.