People Across Europe unite in mass protests against Israeli attacks on Gaza

wilayattimes (Germany)

Berlin | WTNS | May 12: People across Europe continued to take to the streets on Saturday to express solidarity with Palestine and condemn ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Protests surged across several European countries continously, condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza and expressing solidarity with Palestine, as thousands took to the streets in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

Thousands flooded the streets of Madrid, responding to the call from non-governmental organizations, to denounce the “genocide and Zionist massacre in Gaza.”

Voices reverberated in Lisbon as pro-Palestinian students occupied the University of Lisbon campus, showcasing their support for Gaza.

In Athens, hundreds joined the chorus of solidarity, rallying against the relentless Israeli assaults, with banners waving high in demand for an independent Palestinian state.

Amsterdam witnessed a massive gathering of around 15,000, denouncing the Nakba and condemning Israel’s atrocities, echoing calls for a ceasefire and an end to the bloodshed.

Meanwhile, Berlin saw nearly 3,000 demonstrators marching against Israel’s attacks and Germany’s alleged complicity in supplying arms, underscoring the urgent need to halt what they termed as “genocide in Gaza.”

Italy joined the outcry as thousands marched in Rome, Milan, and Turin, condemning the violence and advocating for Palestinian freedom.

In Paris, Republic Square became a rallying point as thousands demanded an immediate halt to the violence, echoing chants for the liberation of Palestine and an end to the blockade.

The demonstrations, spanning across different cities, illustrated a growing global outcry against the violence in Gaza and a resounding call for solidarity with the Palestinian cause.