Police action against mourners Unacceptable, Masroor Abbas demanded probe and called for Unity among Nation

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar | WTNS | September 4:One of the Prominent Socio-Political & Religious Organization of Valley, The J&K Ittihadul Muslimeen(JKIM) condemned the police action against mourners and demanded a probe into the firing of pellets and tear gas shells at the recent Muharram processions in the Valley.

While addressing a press conference, Senior Hurriyat(M) Leader and President Ittihadul Muslimeen(JKIM) Moulana Masroor Abbas Ansari  said that Past events have shown that even before the start of Muharram, the JK administration has been convening a meeting of representatives of its respective institutions and all organizations affiliated with the Shia school of thought, but this year the administration did not bother to convene a meeting in view of the pandemic and unilaterally decided that it was banning Muharram processions, although the Jammu and Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen had already made it clear that although all large and central Muharram mourning ceremonies and processions will be canceled this year, but the local level processions and gatherings cannot be cancelled.

“In this regard, the mujtahids of the had already issued an order that if the concerned SOP’s are taken care of during the processions, then there is no justification for closing the processions and gatherings. We also made it clear in the hastily convened Divisional Commissioner’s on 6th Muharram and other government meetings that these local mourning processions would not be cancelled but SOP’s would be taken care of by following the advice of medical experts”, Masroor said

“And the irony is that when the people here and our youth, under the guidance of Mujtahids and medical experts, took out peaceful mourning processions taking care of the SOP’s, they were subjected to brute force. Hundreds of mourners were severely injured by tear gas, baton charges and pellet guns and some are still in critical condition”, Masroor said.

“The irony is that the administration is stating that processions were stopped to save people from the epidemic which is a blatant lie, fabrication and highly reprehensible”, JKIM President alleged.

JKIM President Moulana Masroor Abbas Ansari said “the most unfortunate aspect of this situation is that some religious parties here have announced in their statements that mourning processions will not be held, which was expressed by the leaders of these parties in the media, social media and advertisements. On the one hand, these parties tried to misrepresent the feelings and love of Muslims towards Imam Hussain (as) and on the other hand, they supported the policies of the government under which they used their statements as an excuse to stop the mourning processions and gatherings here. You know that for the last thirty (30) years, the administration has unjustifiably banned historical eighth (8th) and Ashura processions of Muharram in Kashmir and in this regard, various excuses are made in different periods, sometimes militancy, Sometimes there is an excuse of law and order problem and sometimes there is an excuse that it stops the traffic. However, the government is providing formal protection to Amarnath Yatra and other religious and political programs and there are no restrictions on them. But where is the justice that all kinds of activities are allowed in Kashmir but purely religious processions for mourning of Muharram are banned.”

Some religious parties tried to misrepresent the feelings and love of Muslims towards Imam Hussain (as) and  they supported the policies of the government under which they used their statements as an excuse to stop the mourning processions and gatherings here.

“The Jammu and Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen wants to make it clear that the government’s ban on eighth and the tenth Muharram processions is unjustified and is tantamount to depriving us of our religious freedom. We also want to make it clear that no power can ban mourning processions and whatever precautionary measures may be taken regardless of the circumstances, these processions will continue to be held. The use of force against mourners, dictatorial tactics such as pellet guns and baton charges are reprehensible and unacceptable in all respects which should be investigated and the mourners who have been detained or prosecuted without cause, they should be released immediately.

Ittihadul Muslimeen appeals to the community to maintain unity in their constituencies and beware of evil elements and tactics being used against mourning. Expressing devotion and love to Imam Hussain (as) is part of our faith and efforts to reduce this sentiment and limit mourning will be countered in any case.We also appeal to the people to keep in view the orders of the Mujtahids and the authorities during the upcoming mourning ceremonies.

Moulana Masroor Abbad Ansari urged upon government to ensure better treatment for pellet victims and also appealed people to ensure all possible help and cooperation to these affected people.

Lastly Senior Shia Leader and President of Jammu and Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen call on all religious and political parties of the community to come forward to thwart the conspiracies against Islam and Islamic rites and to thwart the efforts to create disunity in the ranks of the believers of Islam.