Pro Freedom Leader Syed Geelani lashes out at UN’s Kashmir failure

wilayattimes (Jammu and Kashmir)

Terming the Kashmir related statement of the Head of UN Peace Building Commission MachariaKamau as ambiguous, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani today said that respecting the wishes and sacrifices of the Kashmiri people was more important than the political and local situations in dialogue between India and Pakistan.
“Instead of finding any solution in context of the local, domestic and political environment between India and Pakistan, the Kashmir issue should be resolved in its historical perspective and in context of its ground situations. It is the only way to restore the basic human rights to the people of this region,” Geelani, who continues to be under house detention, said in a statement today.
“The statement reflects the double standards of the United Nations and it also negates the basic purpose and responsibilities of this world institution.”
“The purpose of the creation of UN was to play a positive role in disputes between different countries and help the people of the conflict zones of the world in restoring their basic rights. Kashmir is the oldest pending dispute in the UN which is waiting for its respectable and permanent solution for the last seven decades,”
Geelani said. “Macharia Kamau should be knowing that Kashmir issue is the biggest hurdle in establishing peace in the sub-continent and lingering of this dispute has caused a huge loss of precious human lives in India and Pakistan in the three full scale wars between them and this dispute is still a major cause of political uncertainty and instability in this entire region. Two big neighbouring nuclear powers are always in the state of war with each other and a little spark can trigger destruction.”
“The UN has recently held referendums in East Timor and South Sudan to respect the views of the people. The statement of MachariaKamau that instead of people’s wishes, the Kashmir issue will be solved in context of the political environment between India and Pakistan is sheer injustice with the subjugated people of Kashmir and it also reflects the dual standards of the UN,”Geelani said.
“Kashmir is not any border dispute between India and Pakistan which they could mutually solve by sharing and allotments. The principal and basic party to this dispute is the Kashmiri people and the most important thing in its solution is respecting their wishes, aspirations and sacrifices.”