Recent Iran Riot and System of Wilayat-e-Fiqhi

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Istanbul:remind the truth that Islamic Revolution of Iran is not limited to the Iranian geography neither Welayet-e Faqih, the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei is limited to Iranians or Shias instead both Islamic Revolution and Imam Khamenei are the divine blessings of Allah for each Muslim, for each free person in the World and our final slogan is HAYHAT MINNADDILLAH! DEATH TO USA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! DEATH TO HYPOCRITES! LABBAIK YA IMAM KHAMENEI!


It is essential to specify some facts in order to understand events and say mouthful comments about the recent events in Iran correctly because “Imam Khomeini (ra) planted the first seed (in our age), developed and formed the foundation of Divine Islamic Revolution that turned the historical change of modern world in favours of Islam, muslims, and mostadafin (oppressed) against the imperialism naturally, in this way the balances in the world are changed, revolutionized completely and eternally.” [1] Thus, Islamic Republic of Iran has been targeted not only during recent events but also from the first day of Islamic Revolution since 1979. The enemies of Islam and humanity have always been in search of an opportunity to harm, destroy, eradicate Islamic Revlution all the time. The enemies have right on their side because Islamic Republic of Iran has been stating their opposition to the interests of the global imperialist, capitalist powers and especially illegal zionist occupation israel from the beginning of the Revolution.
No doubt that the hostility of enemies of Iran is the manifestation of the historical battle of the Truth and Falsehood. We can see this hostility in the war on Iran and by the whole World-backed Saddam during Sacred Defence War when the whole arrogant powers fully supported, armed Saddam against Islamic Republic of Iran. Another clear example is the dirty war on Syria. During the dirty war on Syria, the whole capitalist, imperialist, zionist powers supported, defended, armed hundreds of thousands terrorists brought across the World for a “Jeehad” against Syrian, Iraqi people and their liberally elected governments. Thank God, “Rather, We dash the truth upon falsehood, and it destroys it, and thereupon it departs. And for you is destruction from that which you describe.” [Al Anbya 18] This ayat materialised in Syria and Iraq. The falsehood is destroyed, departed and their agelong dirty, bloody, merciless project is collapsed with the help of Allah, Alhamdolillah because “…The hand of Allah is over the hands of those who pledged allegiance.” [Al Fath 10]. Thus, we can see the divine of help of Allah upon these people whom are answerer of “those will be the successful.” [Ali ‘Imran 104] the victory doors are opened on these people forever while the defeat doors are opened on enemies of Ahlul Bayt, the sons of Rasoolallah pbuh again forever just like in the following verse as “Those are the party of Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers.” [Mujadila 19]
The front of hizbulshaitan, the front of falsehood, the people of “Shajara-tol Mal’ona” [Isra 60] (malign lineage, Shajara-e Habesa) suffer helplessly in front of Shajara-e Tayyeba ( the beautiful lineage, the Ahlul Bayt, etc) Hizbullahi Ummah under the leadership of Welayat-e Faqih Ayatollah Al Udhma Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, who is the leader of Muslim Ummah and all Oppressed People across the World. The enemy front sees the Gharqat tree, the American Islam movement by regional hypocrite governments, as their final hope but they are doomed to fail whatever they apply to. The Islamic-faced Zionist coalition has no fate but defeat is quaranteed in the verse as “[Their] assembly will be defeated, and they will turn their backs [in retreat]” [Al Qamar 45] inshaallah because the opposition front, the Resistance, is “Those – He has decreed within their hearts faith and supported them with spirit from Him (RUHULLAH]. And We will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him – those are the party of Allah . Unquestionably, the party of Allah – they are the successful.” [Mujadila 22] Imam Ruhullah Khomeini has been the explanation of this ayat in our age like the unshakeable mountains, and smashed the rotten brain of arrogant powers with the help of Allah.
How possible Islamic Republic of Iran be destroyed or overthrown by a bunch of foregn-backed thugs during his most powerful time while he even did not fall during his beginning years against Saddam whom was supported, armed, financed by the whole World? Honourable, and praised Iranians did not allow enemies to invade their countries, rape their women, kill their children during the hardest time of Revolution and now the corrupted media try to overthrow Islamic Establishment by a few tweets, sharings, statements of fascist leaders, their team, and corrupted media? Did they win their dirty war on Syria, Iraq, and Yemen by media or the men of God decided the fate of war? Yes, the war on media has a great importance but the final words belong to the soldiers on the arena. How possible Islamic Revolution can be overthrown by a few foreign-backed traitors while Iran is ready to sacrifice his own children for the safety of Islam and honour of Muslims? Any free men, true belivers including both Sunnis and Shias should congratulate Islamic Republic of Iran “Sultanan Nasera” [Isra 80] for such a success despite the econimic sanctions for 39 years. Actually the economy of many many countries is worse than the one of Iran despite there are no sanctions against their countries. It will be injusice not to appreciate Islamic Revolution, its Supreme Leader, government and people for such a great victory under hard conditions against the whole World. Won’t it? While enemies do not undervalue Islamic Revolution of Iran and the importance of Welayat-e Faqih Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, it is very very sad to see some Muslims still do not understand the value of these blessings for humanity.

What do you think about the reasons why enemies got so excited during protests in Iran despite they knew Iran would not be overthrown by a few protesters? A few because Iran is over 80 millions while the protesters were not even a thousand. Not even %1 of the population. The corrupted World media used all kind of false news, fake pictures and videos to present the protest bigger than the one in reality.

Let’s turn back to the protests. The fool enemy once again proved its foolishness by protesting in Iran’s Mashad city that is actually the homeland, the birth place of Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei. Can you imagine the potesters are chanting as “Death to Khamenei” in a city where there are millions of lovers and soldiers of Welayat-e Faqih Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei? As Imam Ruhullah Khomeini r.a said, “The enemy is fool,” The protesters were shouting “No to Islam” and burning the Iranian flag written on it Allah, La Ilahe Illallah, and burning the posters of Imam Khamenei and Ruhani and chanting as “No to Islam, No to Qur’an, No to Mollas, No to Gaza, No to Syria, No to Lebanon” another a woman protester said “They disgraced us during 1979 Islamic Revolution by raising their fists, and today we will disgrace them by raising our fists,” The important question here is that why Iranian government waited for days despite all its might? Iranian officals waited the bats to come out from their secret cells, and it happened, Alhamdolillah. When the time for protesters were out, it was time for the honourable revolutionary, brave Iranians to take the streets in over 1,200 towns to chant as “LABBAIK YA KHAMENEI! DEATH TO HYPOCRITES! DEATH TO USA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! YES TO GAZA! YES TO SYRIA, YES TO LEBANON! MY SOUL FOR IRAN!” The chants of Iranians were according to the teachings of Qur’an because “And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?” [An Nisa 75] this ayat clearly defines the policy of Islamic Republic of Iran for all oppressed people across the World. How can Islamic Iran be silent on the oppression in any countries while Qur’an is not limited to any land or any nations instead it is for humanity and all other creatures?
It was another very important point that millions of Iranians did not attack protesters despite those protesters deserve any kind of treatments, which shows how dignified are Iranian Government and people. During the protets in Iran, all dictators across the World were so excited and shouting “Iran is burning”, but Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei was doing his routine works like visiting families or accepting them. The enemies are unable to change the agenda of Imam Khamenei instead he is capable of destroying the perennial plans of enemies by just one hour speech. The recent event was a kind of virüs scanning for Iranian Government, and all viruses were cleaned, quarantined. Once again the people of Islamic Republic of Iran showed that Islamic Establishment of Iran is above mazhabs by Shias- Sunnis rallying by shoulder to shoulder during protests and chanting as “Our life is for just a split second of Imam Khamenei,” The conscious Iranians one more time destroyed the enemies of Islam by showing their biggest weapon that is actually the wahdat of Muslims. Thus, the rallies of “Ten Days of Dawn” in 2018 will be unique in comparision with others inshaallah.
Iran where it is the center of both Ahlul Shia and Ahlul Sunnah does not look like other countries because majority of all prominent Sunni figures, scholars, philosophers, and all other scholars who wrote Islamic works were Iranians. Today, the Ahlul Bayt is ruling Islamic Republic of Iran with all its glory, Alhamdolillah. No one should try to give a lesson to Welayat-e Faqih Imam Ali Khamenei who is surrounded by divine helps today. No doubt that there are many wise, mottaqi, faihful advisors of scholars around Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Those who criticise the decisions of Imam should know that they criticise not only Imam but also the whole scholars around Imam. Thus, Muslims, especially the followers of Welayat-e Faqih should be more careful about this issue. Is it right to blame Prophet Mohammad pbuh for the hypocrites of that time? Is it right to criticise Prophet Mohammad pbuh for the 300 hypocrites who left the Prophet alone duing battle of Uhud? There were 1000 Muslims but 300 of them run away and left Prophet pbuh alone. What about the percentage? It is about %30 of Muslims while the protesters in Iran are not even %1. Also, it should be noted that many of foreign infiltrators are among the arrested ones, and also the financial support of USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia for protesters should be noted, too.

Furthermore, anything against the honour of humanity, moral of human beings are forbidden in Iran. How can there be a relation of those who chant as “No to Islam, No to Qur’an” with so-called economic problems? These ones are against Islam, and freedom. They want a puppet Iran not a free Iran. Let’s not forget that it is the people chanting “Yes to Gaza, Yes to Syria, Yes to Lebanon” are the ones who help Muslims, donate their money etc to oppressed Muslims not the ones against Islam. It is the people of Welayet-e Faqih who sacrifice their sons for Islam and oppressed people not the ones against Islam.

The enemies tasted an historical defeat in Syria and Iraq because DEASH (ISIL) was an agelong project of enemies of Islam. Remember the words of İsraeli Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi as “ISIL is a git of God for us against those nations who want to destroy Israel,” The enemies who got defeated in Syria wanted to take a revenge from Iran by the recent protest but they failed as usual, Alahmdolillah. The enemies used fake photos and videos against Iran at the cost of being disgraced in front of the whole World. Forexample, an American attorney, an executive director of Human Rights for decades, Kenneth Roth, was not ashamed of tweeting a pro-Imam Khamenei rally as the opposite one. He later deleted his tweet after a brother responded his tweet. Many of World media used fake news, fake pictures, even the rally in Bahrain, to defame Iran and present the protets in Iran bigger than the actual one. Thank God, Islamic Revolution of Iran took the wind out of enemies’ sail and defeated all of them on media and on arena. The enemies who got defeated in Syria and Iraq blame Iran for their defeat and they are definitely right because Iran-led Resistance defeated them in all areas in the dirty imposed battle, and the enemies also know that the key figüre is Welayet-e Faqih Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei. Thus, they advised their hired fool protesters to burn the photos of Imam and chant death to him. What about the result? The enemies are defeated and their chin is broken by the lovers and followers of Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei.
In conclusion, Islamic Revolution of Iran is there shining like the Sun itself upon all Muslims and oppressed people while the enemies are disgraced one more time and their hypocrites are completely defeated with the help of Allah. The enemies are unable to harm Islamic Establishment because it is under the divine protection of Allah (swta) as in the following verse “O you who have believed, whoever of you turns back from His Allah’s) religion, then Allah will eventually come up with a people He loves and who love Him, humble towards the believers, mightily proud towards the disbelievers, striving in the way of Allah; and they do not fear the blame of (any) blamer. That is the Grace of Allah (that) He brings to whomever He decides; and Allah is Ever-Embracing, Ever-Knowing.” [Al Ma’idah 54]. The tribe of Salman-e Farese are the ones whom are praised during the revelation of ayats of Surah Jumu’ah 1, 2, and 3 when Prophet Mohammad pbuh was asked about “who are those aharen (others of them who have not yet joined them) [Jumu’ah 3] the Prophet of Islam pbuh replied by touching the soulder of Salman-e Farese and said “Even if the religion is at the Surayya (the pleiades), the tribe of him will bring down it and apply to the life,” [2]
Another very important point is the one that was given by late famous prominent Sunni Scholar Ustad Badi Al Zaman Said Nursi (1873- 1960) whom was invited to Damascus by thousands of scholars to give a speech in 1911. The speech of late Ustad (r.a) was published in 1958 in Risale-i Nur Collection in famous Hutba Shameya (Damascus Sermon). Ustad gave the exact date of Islamic Revoluion of Iran at that time with the help of Allah. “A Nour will emerge from the East side and it will annihilate the oppressions. I myself awaited such a nouur too much. And i am still waiting for this nour. But, flowers bloom when spring comes. To prepare suitable environment for such holy flowers is needed. And we understand that we prepare suitable environment to those nourani people by our this service,” [3]. Late Ustad Said Nursi r.a said “from the East” that is ONLY the Iranian geography because the east of Turkey is clearly not any country but Iran.
“The curtains, obstacles that prevent the eclipse of Islamic Sun, its evolution, development, and enlightenment have started opening. The obstacles are removing. 45 years ago the signs of that Fajr were seen. In 71-Hijri- (Miladi 1950) the Fajr-e Sadeq (True Dawn) started or will start. If that Fajr is the Fajr-e Kazeb (the fake Dawn) 30- 40 yers later (1979-1989) the Fajr-e Sadeq (True Dawn) will come out,” [4] Late prominent Sunni Scholar Ostad Badi Al Zaman Said Nursi gave the exact time of Islamic Revolution of Iran and later prominent Sunni Scholar Ustad Hilmi Kocaaslan, the successor of late Ustad Said Nursi, wrote books on this and enlightened the topic by pointing out Islamic Revolution of Imam Ruhullah Khomeini r.a. Late Ostad Said Nursi mentioned 30- 40 years that 1979 was the Revolution year and 1989 the desmise of late Imam Ruhullah Khomeini r.a What a nice coincidance that Prophet Mohammad pbuh established Islamic Government and ruled it for 10 years then left Imam Ali a.s behind just like Imam Khomeini r.a, too, established his Islamic Government and ruled for 10 years and left Imam Ali Khamenei behind him. The Ali of Avvalin and the Ali of Ahareen. In the ligts of these divine informations, Islamic Establishment, Islamic Revolution of Iran will continue to give the enemies of Islam and humanity a hard time inshaallah and finally will free Al Qods, and end oppression, Inshaallah.
Iranian people also showed their loyalty and solidarity to Welayat-e Faqih Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei and the Owner of Revolution late Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (r.a) by chanting as “Labbaika Ya Khamenei Labbaika Ya Husayn Ast” Labbaik Ya Khamenei means Labbaik Ya Hussain like the agreements in following verses “Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts etc.) and to their covenants;” [Al Mu’minun 8] and “˹The faithful are˺ also those who are true to their trusts and covenants;” [Al Ma’arij 32]. Thus, they are occupied with divine love as following “…And Allah loves those who show loyalty to their covenants” [At Tawba 7]
Finally, let’s finish our writing by mentioning the final promise of Allah as “It is Hizbullah that will certainly triumph” [Ma’idah 56] and remind the truth that Islamic Revolution of Iran is not limited to the Iranian geography neither Welayet-e Faqih, the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei is limited to Iranians or Shias instead both Islamic Revolution and Imam Khamenei are the divine blessings of Allah for each Muslim, for each free person in the World and our final slogan is HAYHAT MINNADDILLAH! DEATH TO USA! DEATH TO ISRAEL! DEATH TO HYPOCRITES! LABBAIK YA IMAM KHAMENEI!


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