Resistance against the U.S. and Israel is inspired by Imam Hussain’s uprising of Karbala:Imam Khamanei

wilayattimes (Iran)

Tehran:Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Imam Syed Ali Khamenei on 13th October 2019 said that Since the beginning of the Revolution, we have begun a movement in the area of ideals, the people’s living conditions, building the country and building individuals. Great movements have begun and magnificent achievements have been made. Of course, shortcomings are many. Problems are not few in number, but achievements and advancements are more than the problems. The movement that has begun today is an astonishing movement to those who can understand its dimensions. Now, it should become clear in which direction we should move to continue the task.

What is the direction? After all, we are Husseini. Imam Hussein himself has determined what the direction is. In the middle of his path, he stopped somewhere and delivered this sermon: “Oh people, the Messenger of Allah (God’s greetings be upon him and his household), said, ‘If someone sees an oppressive sultan who has turned God’s haraam into halal, who has broken the divine covenant, who has opposed the Holy Prophet’s tradition and who behaves in an oppressive manner towards the servants of God and if they do not oppose him in words and in action, they deserve to be placed at the level of that oppressive sultan’.”

This is a great statement. It is astonishing. First of all, it has been addressed to people and we are among people. So, it addresses us as well. It is not only addressed to believers. It is not only addressed to the gathering present there, rather it is addressed to humanity: not just humanity at that time, rather humanity at all times including today’s humanity.

He was quoting the Holy Prophet trying to state what his philosophy was. He said that he was acting on the Holy Prophet’s words. The Holy Prophet had ordered him to do that. What had the Holy Prophet said to him? “If someone sees an oppressive sultan…”. The Holy Prophet said, “if someone sees an oppressive power…”. “Sultan” does not only mean a king, rather it means power. Today, the sultan is the front of kufr and arrogance. It is the front of Zionism and the US. This is who the sultan is today. You are witness to today’s oppression which is widespread everywhere: warmongering, the pressure of colonialism, sucking the blood of nations, pressuring peoples, waging domestic wars and other disasters which arrogance is causing today.

“Who behaves in an oppressive manner towards the servants of God…”. He does not say, “towards believers” – what makes you responsible is not that that specific power oppresses believers. No, “towards the servants of God”. It means towards the servants of God and the masses of the people. And it can be every power, every front and every oppressive center which does these things: “behaves in an oppressive manner towards the servants of God”. So, what is the result? What is our duty? “And if they do not oppose him in words and in action…”- the hadith is addressing those who see such a power ahead of them and who do not adopt a position against it.

This opposition could be verbal or non-verbal. Both are possible. Sometimes, things dictate that you take action against an oppressive power and sometimes, circumstances are not apt for taking action, but you can at least adopt a position. Notice that these things clarify what our duty is today.

“They deserve to be placed at the level of that oppressive sultan”. Allah the Exalted has given Himself the right to make those who do not adopt a position against oppression and cruelty and who do not move against him suffer the same fate that that oppressor does: hell. The issue is this. Imam Hussein says that he has taken action to that end.

I have previously spoken at length about the movement of Aba Abdullah. Some people say that Imam Hussein (greetings be upon him) took action to gain power. Even some pious people say this. However, they are wrong. And some people say that he did it to become a martyr. However, I say that he took action to carry out his duty, but in the way of carrying out one’s duty, one might gain power as well. What is wrong with this? Another possibility is that one would be martyred. What is wrong with that? What I want to say is that we should be able to carry out our duties. This is the issue. This is what is ahead of the Islamic Republic.

This is the reason why we will not compromise with the US. The reason why we have not failed in the face of the enemy’s propaganda effort, by Allah’s favor, is this. The reason is that we have a duty. If we do not carry it out, we “deserve to be placed at the level of that oppressive sultan”. If we compromise, Allah the Exalted will make us suffer the same fate – the same hell – that that oppressor does. This is our duty. This is the Islamic Republic. This is the reason why Imam confronted the US from the first day when he got involved in the revolutionary activities. He was still speaking in Qom and he had not been exiled yet, but he spoke out against the US.

On that day, Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) said in his Qom speech, “Today, the most hated person in our country is the US President”. That speech was made 50 years ago! This is the reason why. Imam was insightful. His eyes were open. He would see the truth and he would understand it. He was hopeful. He believed in what Allah the Exalted had said, “Allah certainly aids those who aid His cause” [The Holy Quran, 22: 40]. He who aids God will certainly receive God’s aid and this is what He has already done.

And I will tell you dear youth that you should continue this path in a powerful way. This is the case not only for you but also for all the youth of the Iranian nation. If pure and uncontaminated hearts, who wish to carry out their divine and human responsibility, stand up against the enemies of religion and humanity on the path of steadfastness and resistance, Allah the Exalted will certainly support them: “God will certainly aid those who aid His cause”.

Oct 13, 2019