Respect rights of all people in Jammu and Kashmir:EU official Christian Leffler

wilayattimes (Belgium)

Brussels:A European Union official today said it remains concerned over rights of all Indians in Jammu and Kashmir.
“We fully recognise the very legitimate security concerns of India and equally strong concern for the rights of all Kashmiris, Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Global Issues of European Union, said here.

He said while there is a degree of normalcy, the situation is not quite there yet. The EU, he said, always maintained the J&K issue should be discussed between India and Pakistan through dialogue.

Leffler, who was at an event on the EU and India organised by the EU and Brookings Institute, expressed surprise over the visit of Members of European Parliament to J&K.

“MEP visit came as a surprise to many of us… it is not the way parliamentary visits are organised… we strongly believe in strengthening parliamentary dimension of bilateral relations,” he said.