Russia powered up Syrian Army:Vladmir Putin

wilayattimes (Russia)

Moacow:Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed Russia’s military forces returning from Syria, saying their achievements in the militant-riddled Arab country has laid the ground for peace there.

Speaking on the occasion of Russia’s military pullout from Syria, Putin said his country succeeded in strengthening Syrian army through months of aerial campaign against militant groups in Syria.

Putin said despite Russia’s partial withdrawal, which he said was agreed with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the battle against terrorism in Syria will continue.

The Russian president said his military forces created conditions for a peace process in Syria.

Putin further vowed that Russia will monitor Syria’s situation and will leave its advanced S-400 air defense missile system there as a means of precaution.

He also warned that Russia can ramp up its military presence in Syria within “several hours” if needed.

“If there’s a need, Russia literally within several hours can ramp up its presence in the region to the size required for the unfolding situation,” Putin said in the Kremlin on Thursday.

The comments came as he decorated officers who served in the war-torn country.