Saudi Arabia Puts Itself in Israeli Box:Sheikh Qassem

wilayattimes (Lebanon)

Beirut:Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said Saturday that Saudi Arabia is declaring enmity against Hezbollah when it describes the party as “terrorist group,” stressing that “Saudi Arabia and its allies are in fact hostile to the luminous and influential achievements of the party and put themselves in the box of Israel.”

During a speech he delivered in Bekaa region east of Lebanon, Sheikh Qassem said that “Saudi Arabia is trying to confirm Hezbollah is terrorist in all forums it is allowed to influence and put pressure, most recently was the meeting of Arab foreign ministers where a number of countries, including Lebanon,  opposed such description.”

His eminence noted that “the Saudi problem regarding Hezbollah is that his impressive Resistance in the region, which was able to defeat Israel, to liberate the Lebanese lands, to establish an effetive reluctance and resistance in the region, which in turn affected Israel’s project and existence. Thus here Saudi Arabia comes to support Israel.”

Another problem Saudi Arabia is suffering with Hezbollah, Sheikh Kassem said, is that he supports the Islamic unity and the national unity, and works to promote stability and security.

“Hezbollah buried the sectarian strife over and over again,” he stated, indicating that “Saudi Arabia cannot dominate without planting sedition and sabotaging unity relations among Muslims themselves and between Christians and Muslims.”

“The problem of Saudi Arabia with Hezbollah is that he supports the independence of the peoples, while Saudis find Resistance movements a threat to its dictatorship and domination,” his eminence added.

“Describing us as “terrorists” increases our confidence and steadfastness, and confirms that we are right,” Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem concluded.