Scholars and People of Kashmir need to follow the path of Ashura to save their Homeland:Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamadani

wilayattimes (Iran)
Tehran:World`s Prominent Shia Religious Authority Grand Ayatollah Hossein Noori Hamadani urged upon Scholar and people of Jammu and Kashmir to follow the path of Imam Hussain (A.S) and lead the movement for the safeguard of your land at yourselves.
In a meeting with the delegation of Seminary Scholars and Students of Jammu & Kashmir including Ladakh at his office on 7th September 2019, Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamadani urged upon people of Jammu and Kashmir to follow the path of Imam Hussain (A.S) and lead the movement for the safeguard of your land at yourselves.
Wilayat Times reports that in His Speech, His Eminance expressed:
People should face the oppressor with shrouds of martyrdom.”Imam Hussain has shown us the path. He came to the battlefield himself along with his family. They all got martyred but proved Islam to be right and saved it.We are going to back you but you yourselves especially religious scholars must come to the battlefield dressed in shrouds. We are on the side of all oppressed people. Our Supreme Leader,Our government, all of us will help you but you yourselves must start and lead the movement.
Iran was also like Kashmir but hundreds and thousands of Ulemas went to the battlefields and stood with the warriors and the revolution got succeed. This place(Iran) was also same like Kashmir. We were under American and British colonial domination but we were able to defeat them only because we went to the battlefields and gave martyrs. You will find graves of martyrs and memorials of martyrs in every city and village of Iran. Our roads and lanes have been named after martyrs. We have become independent only because we gave martyrs.” He also added,”If you want to take your right back, you must take the path of Jihad and martyrdom for the honor of Islam and Muslims is in Jihad. Allah honors Muslims if they take the path of Jihad and resistance and fight for their rights and defend them. The fact that you are ready to defend your rights is a good sign. Come to battlefields and we will help you. We hope and pray for your victory.”
At the end of the meeting, Kashmiri Seminary Scholars presented a Jurisprudential question asking Grand Ayatollah Noori Hamadani for a fatwa forbidden the sale of land to non-Kashmiris in Kashmir. He responded to their request saying,”You need to stand united behind this fatwa like the people of Iran stood behind Mirza Shirazi’s fatwa on forbidding tobacco.” Kashmiri students responded to by raising slogans like “Kashmiris will die, but not accept humiliation” and “Heyhat minna zillah”- a famous slogan meaning disgrace is far from us. The Ayatollah responded saying that if you continue with this energy on the path you will certainly be victorious.