Scholars in Kashmir Reach Consensus to Observe Shab-e-Qadar on April 17, Go for Moon Sighting on April 20; Hint at Framing of New Ruet Committee Exclusive to J&K

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Srinagar | WTNS | March 28: To alleviate the widespread confusion among the people over the upcoming important events of ongoing holy month of Ramadhan, scholars of different schools of thought have reached a consensus over several issues including that of Shab-e-Qadar and unequivocally decided to observe the night on April 17, 2023.

Talking to media persons, after due consultation and deliberation on the issues impending for the last several days, Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam, said that they have reached a consensus to observe the Shab-e-Qadr on April 17. “Efforts for moon sighting will also be made on April 20 and if at all the moon is sighted, people starting their first fast from Friday (March 24, 2023) will have to make the omitted fasting after Eid”, Islam said.

He added that being a Grand Mufti he always believe in unity and brotherhood and avoided all such actions that could cause trouble and uncertainty in the Ummah.

“We shouldn’t make it an issue of win or lose. It is purely a religious issue. I am not here to create wedge in between the Ummah. I have been a torch bearer of unity and brotherhood. I believe in unity of the Ummah,” Grand Mufti said and added, “Any decision regarding Eid will be made public after thorough consultation with Ulema. Besides MeT department will also be consulted before any announcement”.

“Any decision regarding Eid will be made after thorough consultation with all scholars from different schools of thought”, he said adding, “MeT department will also be consulted before any such announcement.”

Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam thanked Chief Rector Dar-ul-Uloom Raheemiya Bandipora for supervising the meeting.

A joint resolution was passed to seek release of Mirwaiz Kashmir Moulvi Umer Farooq, Maulana Abdur Rashid Dawoodi and other scholars currently under detention.

Many speakers before the final announcement by Islam, suggested framing a Ruet exclusive to Jammu and Kashmir – a suggestion welcomed by many attendants to the meeting.

The hours-long consultation was attended by Moulana Rahmatullah Qasmi, Mufti Nazir Ahmad Qasmi, Ghulam Rasool Hami and Prof Muhammad Tayib Kamili, Moulana Masroor Abbas Ansari, Agha Syed Mujtaba Abbas Mosavi, Ghulam Muhammad Bhat, Moulana Fayaz Ahmed Rizivi and other prominent scholars.

Notably, there was a widespread confusion among the people over the sighting of moon in Jammu and Kashmir even as Grand Mufti J&K, Mufti Nasir-Ul-Islam, entrusted with the mandate announced that there was no ‘credible witness’ available with his office regarding sighting of moon from anywhere in Jammu and Kashmir albeit having earlier in the evening on march 23, 2023 received a ‘uncredible testimony from poonch which after scrutiny turned too feeble to indicate start of fast on Thursday.’